Leading Edge Selling Skills - For Today's Client


Course introduction

Most sales models are based on a paradigm that no longer exists. The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive with both new market entrants and established competitors undercutting prices. Clients are also information-rich which means they are constantly trying to turn salespeople into commodity suppliers.
This training is aimed at showing how to confidently deal with these pressures allowing them to successfully sell in this market environment. It allows them to fast-track trust-building to put themselves in a position of influence with the prospect. They also learn the latest research on the science of persuasion to confidently move toward confirmation of the sale.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • The ability to create greater trust in a business relationship. Participants will learn how to quickly build trust with new prospects.
  • How to confidently sell in a market driven by competitor undercutting.
  • How selling has changed from a problem-solving focus to a problem-identification focus.
  • How to re-position themselves in the customers’ eyes from ‘salesperson’ to trusted buying adviser – not just a product expert, but an industry expert.
  • The ability to create and apply leverage so that they can influence the customer’s buying criteria, priorities and process.
  • How to use higher-level communication skills to better understand your customer; allowing them to create and promote packages that clients will perceive as uniquely suited to them.
  • Using sales stories to articulate your USPs and pro-actively deal with objections. 
  • The ability to build a client’s confidence in their buying decision. How to assist a client to buy – without resorting to traditional ‘closing’ techniques which usually just heighten customer resistance.

Target Audience

Salespeople – both novice and experienced – will learn new strategies and techniques in this program.  It is particularly useful for professionals in high-tech sales (medical, scientific, computer, etc) who do not come from a sales background.

Course Outline

Module 1: The skill-set of a successful salesperson in today’s market

  • The skills a salesperson must have to succeed long-term
  • Selling to post-internet buyers
  • Becoming an industry expert – making you the unique perceived benefit
Module 2: The consultative sales process
  • The new role you need to fill for your clients
  • Building trust
  • Ways to build trust faster with clients
  • Identifying your connections with clients
Module 3: Mastering the sales conversation 
  • Use of non-verbal communication to build rapport, draw & hold the attention
  • Moving from information transfer to sharing insights
  • Moving from problem-solving to problem identification
Module 4: Pro-Active Sales Skills
  • Applying active listening skills
  • Identifying insightful questions
  • The 4 rules for using questions in a sales process
Module 5: Articulating your Point of Difference
  • Identifying Century Link’s USPs
  • Using power phrases to articulate these effectively
Module 6: Putting yourself in a position of influence
  • Facilitating the buying – and selling – decision
  • Altering or re-prioritising the buying criteria
  • Influencing the client’s buying process to better suit you
Module 7: The science of influence
  • The 18 influencing tools and how you can use them 
Module 8: Creating and using leverage
  • Understanding your value to the client & how to improve it
  • Becoming ‘indispensable’ to your clients
  • Understanding – and utilising – your client’s systems
Module 9: Maximising the objection opportunity
  • Appreciating objections as a sign of buyer interest & reshaping your approach to suit
Module 10: Emotional intelligence
  • Understanding and working with your client’s emotions
  • Understanding and using your emotions
Module 11: Decision facilitation
  • Why it’s harder for people to make a decision in today’s world – and what you can do to give them the confidence to say yes to you
Module 12: Action Plan
  • Action Plan Moving Forward

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan is an experienced conference speaker, workshop leader, facilitator and MC. He has twenty-five years of experience as a corporate trainer and fifteen years experience as a professional speaker.

He speaks at conferences and seminars across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and in the UK specialising in the areas of sales negotiations, customer service, humour in business and communication skills. His clients include large corporations, government departments, and small to medium size enterprises.

He has co-authored nine books on business communication skills and humour in business that are used extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and South Africa. He writes regular columns on communication skills, sales & customer service and humour in business for a number of industry magazines. He is the creator of the TILT! Selling program.