Professional Certificate in Communication Skills

Arium School of Arts & Sciences

Course introduction

The importance of writing has perhaps increased in the last decade or so, thanks to trends in technology. Most folks communicate via email, text, or social media, and hence many millions of pieces of information are flowing between us through the written word every day. In matter of business, when every second counts, strong writing makes the differences between smooth operations and clumsy footing. This course teaches fluency in writing, reading and critical thinking skills, which includes freewriting, generating and organizing ideas, developing powerful paragraphs, conceptual skills for essays, editing, grammar, vocabulary and effective reading.

Course Benefits

1. Write as communication and expression 1.1 Understand the process of freewriting
1.2 Generate and organise ideas
1.3 Develop and craft powerful and purposeful paragraphs
2. Build a strong foundation 2.1 Overview parts of speech;
2.2 Understand simple and compound sentence structure;
2.3 Use grammar effectively.
3. Understand sentence mechanics and academic conventions 3.1 Use punctuation patterns, language and style, and vocabulary skills;
3.2 Explain research skills for quoting, paraphrasing and citing sources.
4. Build reading skills the hands-on way 4.1 Build reading skills.

Course Outline

  • Freewriting: Thoughts into Words
  • Generating and Organizing Ideas: Your Raw Materials
  • Developing Powerful Paragraphs: A Structure for Ideas
  • Writing for a Purpose: Essay Strategies and Structures
  • Building an Essay: Concepts and Skills
  • Writing for a Purpose: Essay Strategies and Structures
  • Research skills for quoting, paraphrasing and citations
  • Guide to APA Referencing
  • Simple sentence structure
  • Using commas correctly
  • Compound sentence structure
  • Catching run-ons
  • Complex sentences
  • Fixing fragments
  • Sentence types, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs
  • Reading skills

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Trainer Profile

Our Lecturers

All our lecturers are selected based on their subject expertise, experience and dedication. They are required to possess at least a Masters in their subject expertise. With their years of work experience, they will also be able to illustrate topics in class with real world examples. We are committed to provide a high standard of service by promoting an environment conductive to student learning through a low student-teacher ratio of 30:1. Currently, we have 50 adjunct lecturers. A brief profile of some of our lecturers is given below.

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