IB Chinese Course

Mandarin Plus

Course introduction

Mandarin Plus's IB Chinese program are mainly for students from international schools. The courses include IB General Chinese Course, IB Chinese HL and SL Grammar and Reading Course, and HL Essay and Thesis Writing Tutoring Course. The IB General Chinese course is suitable for students from elementary school to high school. We use the textbook of the IB Chinese system certified by Hanban of the Ministry of Education of China. There are 8 textbooks in this series, which are widely used in all major international schools.

Course Benefits

Experienced native Chinese tutor , individually has more than 6000 hours tracked teaching record in singapore . 

Target Audience

Any kid or teen learner who wants to well prepare for international school or IB Chinese test.  

Course Outline


  • Kids GROUP CLASS (2-4 pax)
$450/person for 10 sessions (15hours)
$65/hour/person at 20hours package

Weekday afternoon
5:30- 7pm


The time and venue for small group or one-on-one classes can be discussed with the trainer.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Teacher Zhang Yu

Zhang Yu has great passion in teaching Chinese language and culture. She has a Master degree of Art in Chinese studies from NUS Singapore. She studied basic principles and methodology in Teaching Chinese As a Second Language in the university and started her teaching from 2013.

Her teaching approach is holistic and caring by customizing lesson plans to meet the students’ individual needs. She is exceptionally good at interacting with students to explore and catering to special Mandarin learning needs.