Facilities management - way to business sustainability

Global School of Technology and Management - GSTM

Course introduction

Depending on the business and the size of the assets, Facilities Management affects the Cost of Operations directly and indirectly, some as high as 35% of the total operations budget. 

Target Audience

FM Practitioners -  Property Managers, Facilities Managers, Maintenance Managers, Project Managers, Building Owners, and mid-career switch professionals. 

Facilities Professionals, Facilities Management Executives, Junior Facilities Management and stakeholders dealing with facilities management and individual aspiring in the facilities management field. 

Course Outline

2 days, 9am to 6pm 


Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Mr. Chong

Mr. Chong, a Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance Management trained expert (27 years of Facilities Maintenance Management and experience in starting up New Market & Division).

He work in the field of Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance Management for more than 2 decades in critical installation such as Medical Facilities, Data centre, telecoms, military and aviation. A veteran trainer in facilities & engineering management consultant for small project in both Singapore and Malaysi