Foundational HR Analytics


Course introduction

HR professionals can use HR analytics as a tool to surface key issues where insights was drawn out from data to solve organizational problems. The essential skills to leverage on data analytics for HR professionals in the area of talent attraction, employee retention, succession planning and cultivate leadership in high potential are vital to help organization to succeed.

The program focuses on building foundational understanding about the concepts of HR analytics, the key components and building blocks of HR analytics, and the applications of HR analytics to inform, explain and guide decision making.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;
• Describe what is HR analytics and what it can do for organizations
• Build a roadmap for a sustainable workforce analytics program
• Demonstrate the key processes across the HR analytics value chain
• Conduct analyses, identify insights and application to a business case solution

Target Audience

- HR professionals and managers who are in their early stage of HR analytics journey or looking to gain more awareness about the topic

Course Outline

  • What is HR analytics
  • HR analytics value chain, roadmap and maturity
  • Case Study - A multinational medical and healthcare company
  • Building a HR Analytics Center of Excellence
  • HR analytics in the context of the employee life
  • HR analytics to inform, explain and guide decision making
  • Group Exercise
  • Study the context of the business case and identify the issues or problems faced by the organization.
  • Each group will take turn to present their analysis and findings

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Derrick Yuen

Derrick Yuen with more than 12 years of consulting experience across many functions (finance, operations & HR) and industries (FMCG, Aviation & Pharmaceutical) in both the public & private sector. He also designed and built an in-house HR analytics platform and consulted with business leaders on a wide range of critical Human Capital issues; including risk management, greenfield investments, strategic workforce planning for over 120 markets around the world. Derrick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore as well as an MBA from the University of Southern California