Creating Win-Win Relationships with Internal and External Customers


Course introduction

Customers are the reason we exist. The ability to manage customer relationships well and keep customers coming back is of utmost importance to all organisations.
To provide positive service experiences, service professionals need to understand their critical role as one of the pillars of positive service experience. It starts with one’s mindset and willingness to want to deliver a positive service experience to every customer they interact with, internal or external customers.
Excellent service professionals will help an organisation build its satisfied and loyal customers base. This translates to continued business from these loyal customers. Loyal customers will introduce more customers to your organization’s products and or services which further increases the bottom line! Being a customer-focused organization makes business sense!
This workshop will provide service professionals with the understanding and skills to manage your customers’ needs and expectations to achieve “win-win” customer interactions and create customer loyalty.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Have a heightened awareness of the 3 Pillars of Service Experience.
  • Know their critical role as one of the supporting pillars in delivering positive service experiences for customers
  • Discover their CQ - To find out their customer service orientation (Customer Quotient) and service mindset
  • Know the benefits of activating their CQ in their customer interactions
  • Know who are their customers
  • Know what customers want from service givers
  • Recognize the importance of customers’ wants and expectations for excellent service
  • Learn to be customer focus in their customer interactions
  • Discover the importance of customers’ lifetime value
  • Understanding the difference between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
  • Improve their professionalism through the delivery of excellent customer care in face-to-face and over the telephone interactions
  • Sharpen their listening skills
  • Improve their questioning skills
  • Better their customer handling skills
  • Know the challenges of delivering customer centric service experiences

Target Audience

Front-line executives, customer service executives, clerical staff, receptionists and any person who deals with customers in face-to-face situations or over the telephone.  It is especially useful for executives and staff who are relatively new to customer service responsibilities as it provides them with a good foundation to build their customer service career.  It is also a useful refresher for experienced customer service executives.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Pillars of Service Experience

  • What’s are the Pillars of Service Experience
  • The service professional’s critical role as one of the supporting pillars in delivering positive service experience for customers
Module 2: Your CQ & Excellent Customer Care Mindset
  • What’s your CQ? A personal assessment tool for customer service orientation and service mindset
  • The benefits of activating your CQ in customer interactions
Module 3: Understanding Your Customers
  • Who Are My Customers?
  • The service chain in our customer interactions
  • Activity: Passing the Ball
  • Being customer focus in our customer's interactions
  • What is Customer’s Lifetime Value to the business?
  • “What Do Customers Want Really?”
  • Understanding customers’ wants and expectations
  • Know the 5 customer satisfaction factors in the delivery of the excellent service experience
  • Customer Satisfaction vs Customer Loyalty - knowing the differences to maintain our customer base
Module 4: The 6-Step P.L.E.A.S.E. Process For Excellent Service Experience And Beyond
  • Are we ready to receive customers?
  • Do customers feel welcome?
  • Using actions, gestures and tone for positive customer interactions
  • The Power of Words - using customer-friendly phrases for positive customer interactions
  • Active Listening in understanding our customer needs - are we listening with our eyes, heart & mind?
  • Good questioning strategies to uncover the customers’ needs & expectations
  • Explore solutions/alternatives to creatively meet customers’ needs
  • Concluding customer interactions positively
  • Follow-up to close the service loop
Module 5: Application of Skills Learnt
  • Applying the P.L.E.A.S.E. steps through skills practices and role-plays

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Trainer Profile


Grace is a highly dynamic and enthusiastic trainer, facilitator and consultant. She has been in the training and development profession for over 30 years with more than 20 years’ experience in consulting, designing, developing and delivering training workshops.

She has delivered training workshops to over 7,500 participants and has received excellent ratings. She has a passion for the training and development of people and is a firm believer in the enhancement of human capital and life-long learning. Her unique and effective style of communication and her flair in bringing complicated concepts across effectively have greatly helped executives & employees in this region in their work performance. Her last position was that of Training Manager of the Call Centre for the largest local bank. She was responsible for building the training and development plans for over 300 staff in the Centre.