Real-Time Embedded Software for the Real World

NTU Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE@NTU)

Course introduction

Embedded systems are integral part of our daily lives, existing in various applications from rice cookers to air-conditioning units to aircrafts to automotives. These systems operate in the real world with real time constraints, and with various interfaces to sensors and actuators we interact with. Embedded within these systems are microcontrollers and processors running embedded, real time software. 

Course Benefits

This is an introduction course to embedded systems and writing real time software for embedded systems. The objective of the Real Time Software Course is to equip participants with sufficient knowledge and confidence to write software for real time embedded systems. Participants will be introduced to device I/O programming, using a real time operating system, and writing a real time software application.

Course Pre-Requisites

Basic C programming experience

Fee with SkillsFuture Series subsidy: S$346.68(inclusive of GST). *conditions apply 

To be eligible for SF Series subsidy, participants: 
- must be Singaporeans or Permanent Residents of Singapore 
* Participants who do not fulfill the above criteria are not eligible for SF Series funding, and are required to pay the course fee in full.  

Target Audience

This introductory course is recommended for software engineers who are new to embedded systems, and wish to learn how to program a real time software on a real embedded system.

Course Outline

Day 1
Introduction to embedded computing platform, understanding processors, device input/output (I/O), storage media for embedded systems

Day 2
Introduction to a real time operating system, using multi-tasking, semaphores, interprocess communications, understanding a board support package and writing a device driver

Day 3
Introduction to real time software, understanding real time scheduling, deadlocks, mutual exclusion, time-triggered vs event triggered architectures

** Participants will be provided with a hardware board, which can be brought home after the course. Hands-on exercises will be carried out extensively on the hardware board during the class, to reinforce the theory learnt in the lectures. **  

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Mr Teng, Philip

Mr Philip Teng graduated with a BEng (EE) degree from National University of Singapore and received his Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Having worked on embedded system software in mission critical and safety critical applications for the past fourteen years, Philip has extensive know-how in developing complex software, as well as the key technologies in real time embedded software. His experience includes commercial and defence applications, such as the unmanned ground vehicle application for commercial port operations. He is also the team leader of the flight software team for Singapore's first micro-satellite, which was successfully launched into space and operating. Philip is also lecturing in NTU on Embedded Systems Programming for the Masters of Science (Embedded Systems).