Effective Communication Skills

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Course introduction

An increasing number of organizations in today's business world are making it mandatory that their employees undergo communication skills training as it has been found to directly impact productivity. Being able to get your message across is an essential tool every successful business professional needs. To master communication skills, extensive interactive and hands-on exercises are provided during the training course which encourage learning and increase the delegates' confidence.

Course Benefits

In this workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of what good communication skills look like and what they can do to improve their abilities. Participants will also build fruitful relationship with colleagues and customers.

Course Outline

  • Recognizing communication barriers
  • Communication styles of different personality types
  • Choosing the right channel
  • Understanding people body language
  • Pros and cons of styles
  • Element of voice
  • Volume, pace, pausing, stress and rhythm
  • Strengths and weakness of each communication style
  • Using and interpreting a message
  • Accepting and giving feedbacks
  • Deal with situation assertively
  • Communicate with greater confidence
  • Develop a fruitful relationship
  • Adapt your communication style to strengthen relationships and improve team dynamics

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

ACTA Certified

VTeach appoints experienced trainers who are knowledgeable on wide range of topics and skillful at teaching in the interesting and simple way. We invest a lot of time finding the right trainers and have fantastic team working for us. Our trainers are all qualified who are ACTA and Microsoft Certified.