Professional Certificate in Victimology

Arium School of Arts & Sciences

Course introduction

This course focuses on the victims rather than the offenders: why they have been “rediscovered” recently, why they often do not report crimes to the police, how some victims might share responsibility for the crimes with the offenders, how they can be repaid for their losses through offender restitution and government compensation; and what new services are available to help victims prevent crime and survive attacks.

Course Outline

What is Victimology?
The Rediscovery of Crime Victims
Violent Crimes
Victims’ Contributions to the Crime Problem
Victims and the Criminal Justice System
Victimized Children
Victims of Violence by Lovers and Family Members
Victims of Rape and Other Sexual Assaults
Victims with Special Problems
Repaying Victims
Victim Services in Singapore
Victims in the Twenty-First Century
Review of Course

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