Small Wins Innovation - Small Ideas with Big Impact

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Innovation does not always have to be disruptive to be successful. In fact, sometimes the smallest changes can have a big impact; one that starts small. What held back leaders, managers and business owners from innovation is often the perceived risks and fear of failure. By generating small wins, groups and teams can learn how to innovate, accelerate progress and solve problems. What's more this can be achieved quickly, easily and cheaply. Starting small means that big, innovative goals can be achieved and sometimes a small win can lead to a big success.

Course Benefits

Learning Outcomes:

  • Immediate impact - you will learn a new process and tool kit to generate new growth and/or save costs – quickly!
  • Solve everyday problems & create new opportunities
  • The 5 step Small Wins Innovation process can be used by any group or team
  • Complements Design Thinking & Lean Startup approaches
  • Every group & team can now learn & contribute to the innovation journey
  • Using The Small Wins Innovation approach will accelerate progress and help build a more innovative culture

Target Audience

Group & Team Leaders, Innovation Champions, anyone in Marketing, R&D or New Product Development and Business Owners.

Course Outline

  • What is Small Wins Innovation?
  • How does it compare with Disruptive Innovation?
  • Examples and case studies
  • Applying the Progress Principle to Innovation
  • Nudging Consumers
  • The Accumulation of 1% Differences
  • The Small Wins Innovation Process
  • Where to start?
  • Who, When of Small Wins Innovation
  • Think Big - start small
  • Summary and Getting Started in the next 30 days

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Dr Ken Hudson

Dr Ken Hudson is a former marketing director at American Express and international author, speaker and trainer. He has a PhD in Organisational Creativity and has published 3 books on idea generation that have been published in 9 countries. He specialises in unlocking creativity and innovation in individuals, groups & teams quickly.

Dr Hudson invented and taught Marketing Creativity at the University of Technology, Sydney for 10 years at a post-graduate level (as a part-time lecturer). He is Australia's leading authority on creativity & innovation and believes that every individual, group, team and organisation has a latent potential for greater creativity & innovation.

He has been interviewed by Business Review Weekly, ABC Radio, The Australian Financial Review, The Boss Magazine and contributed many articles for Marketing Magazine, HR Monthly, Leading Company and Fast Thinking, about creativity, innovation & speed thinking.