WSQ - Perform Web Editing Functions

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Course introduction

This module enables the candidate to understand key web publishing concepts and to create, upload and maintain a website.

Course Benefits

On Completion of this module, the candidate would be able to: 

  • Understand key web concepts and terms.
  • Know about the basic principles of HTML; use common HTML mark-up tags to modify the layout of a web page.
  • Use a web authoring application to design and format web pages; format text; work with hyperlinks and tables.
  • Recognise and use common web image formats; create forms in a web page.
  • Understand and use cascading style sheets.
  • Prepare web pages for publishing to a web server.

Target Audience

Trainees who have attended the EqualSkills Programme (Trainees with little or no experience in the use of computers should attend the EqualSkills Programme in the first instance). Trainees who have completed Basic ICRT and want to refresh their skills in working in desktop environment, use of word processing tools, surfing the internet, word processing, spreadsheet and email functions. 

Course Outline

This module:

  • Applicable to a variety of web publishing software.
  • Provides the candidate with the skills to develop, publish, and maintain a website.
  • Certifies best practices in website creation.
  • Developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts and practising computer professionals from all over the world. This ensures the relevance and range of module content
  1. Web Concepts
    • Key Terms
    • Web Publishing
    • Legal Issues
  2. HTML
    • Fundamentals of HTML
    • Using HTML
  3. Web Authoring
    • Design
    • Using the Application
    • Enhancing Productivity
    • Text Input and Formatting
    • Paragraph Formatting
    • Hyperlinks
    • Tables
  4. Using Objects
    • Graphical Objects
    • Forms
  5. Styles
    • CSS Concepts
    • Using CSS
  6. Preparing Upload
    • Check
    • Publish

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Trainer Profile

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