WSQ Supervise Work in Confined Space Operation (SWCSO, formerly MOM SICMH)

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Course introduction

The course would be appropriate for Engineer, Safety Personnel, Foremen, Supervisors and Contractors who have to work and supervise in manhole and other confined spaces.

Course Pre-Requisites

Workplace literacy and numeracy Level 5 under Employability Skills System (ESS) Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 5 or equivalent

  • ‘O’ level completed for Singaporeans
  • Form 3 completed for Malaysians
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) for Indians
  • Secondary School Certificate for Bangladeshi
Assumed Skills & Knowledge
  • Have completed the relevant safety training for a process plant
  • Be observant and attentive to safety instructions and measures in place
  • Be able to respond to any sign of potential emergency situations
  • Be able to handle equipment with care
  • Be able to practice good housekeeping
  • Be able to communicate with the workers effectively
  • Be able to listen, read, speak and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills (ES) Level 5
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to Employability Skills (ES) Level 5

Course Outline

1. Plan workplace safety and health activities
2. Implement safe work practices
3. Maintain workplace risk control measures

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

WSQ Approved Trainer

WSQ Approved trainer by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)