Fear–(less) Business Presentations

Experiential Hands-on Learning

Course introduction

Most jobs in today’s corporate world involve presentations – be it to clients, colleagues or to the management. Individuals need to be at their best when presenting to internal and external stakeholders. Support for your project, idea, proposal, product purchase or even a budget approval can be won or lost based on your ability to present with credibility and to deliver your thoughts and ideas with style, confidence and authority. Poor presentation skills can affect your company in terms of lost sales, market share or even your company reputation.

Course Benefits

The Fear-(Less) Business Presentations workshop was designed specifically to provide sales professional, executives, and managers with the tools and techniques to deliver memorable business presentations with clarity and confidence.

Your message, delivery, your walk, posture, facial expression, voice, pitch, pace, diction, pronunciation of English words – these are the aspects which can make a real difference in your presentation performance and advancement of the sales process.

Effective sales presentations do more than deliver information – they move people to action.

Here is what you will achieve in this workshop:

  • Make use of an audience analysis to prepare for your presentation
  • Discover the 3 important elements of a persuasive presentation
  • Utilize a 5-Step process to create your message content
  • Apply Mehrabian components of a message
  • Effectively open your presentation and grab your audience's attention.
  • Convey the meaning of the data rather than giving a "data dump
  • Understand the key motivators that incite your listeners’ to take action
  • Engage your audience; move from 'Death by PowerPoint' to Storytelling
  • Move away from PowerPoint “script” slides filled with bullet points
  • Utilizing visuals to improve the presentation and support the message
  • Move with purpose and meaning; use gestures for added visual dimension
  • Enhance the message with positive body language and posture
  • Learn a vocal warm up, speak up and articulate
  • Face the fear; manage nervousness
  • Eliminate powerless phrases and non-words
  • Handle difficult questions with ease
  • Develop active listening skills
  • Effectively use transitions
  • Close the presentation with impact and inspire action
  • Build confidence

Target Audience

Management professionals, Sales and Business Development Managers and Marketing Executives, Trainers, Teachers, or Entrepreneurs, that present to groups of any size, this workshop is for you. This workshop is for anyone who does presentations for any purpose within an organisation and who desire to move up to the next leave of presentation and performance.

Course Outline

As a result you will be positioned to:

  • Win new clients, new sales, business tenders or projects
  • Convey your message to the audience in a clear, logical and focused fashion
  • Stand out from the crowd and get notice in a positive way
  • Deliver your message in a more natural, comfortable and confident manner
  • Enjoy presenting and sharing with your audience
  • Significantly reduce your preparation time for presentations and meetings
  • Be more persuasive using emotional keys
  • Be proficient in your use of PowerPoint and props
  • Organise and execute meetings more effectively
  • Build your credibility, your career and your reputation

This workshop is experiential; it is conducted through mini lectures and visuals, followed by group activities, group discussion, role play and individual participation.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Pamela Wigglesworth

International corporate consultant, speaker and Managing Director of Experiential Hands-on Learning, Pamela Wigglesworth, CSP is passionate about helping SMEs and entrepreneurs shorten their learning curve and accelerate their business results.
A resident of Asia for over 27 years, she works with companies across multiple industries to increase their awareness, increase leads and ultimately increase sales. Pamela helps companies to strategize, systemize and monetize their business. In addition, she assists corporate companies with sales presentation skills and personal communication skills.
She is the author of two books, Public Relations; and Small Business Acceleration: Get Noticed using Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Public Relations and Video Marketing.
She has a WSQ Advanced Certification in Training & Assessment (ACTA) and has spoken at events and conducted trainings in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Among many others, some of Pamela’s corporate clients include CapitaLand, SPH, Olympus, HSBC, Liberty Insurance, Dell-EMC, NUS, Media Prima, Chanel, Taftc, BEDB and Roche.
Pamela is a member of the Global Speakers Federation and served as the 2011-2012 Vice President of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). Pamela was a founding board member of the PrimeTime Business and Professional Women’s Association. She is a frequent speaker for business associations and has had multiple articles published online and in the Straits Times, Berita Harian and the Singapore Marketer magazine. She has appeared on Channel News Asia and RTB News TV in Brunei.