Microsoft Word 2016 - Level 2 Advanced


Course introduction

Very often the average user of Microsoft Word scratches the surface when it comes to its features. This is especially so as with each version of Word, Microsoft adds more and more features, bringing it ever closer to desktop publishing standards.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Learn automation, styles, version tracking and mail merge
  • Learn macros
  • Gain confidence in using the more esoteric features of Word to create efficient long documents
  • Learn to customise and tailor Word to suit their workflow

Target Audience

This course would benefit those seeking to look “below the surface” when it comes to producing corporate correspondence. It would also benefit those wanting an in-depth look at Word.

Course Outline

Module 1: Customizing Word

  • Working with Advanced Word Options Settings
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Module 2: Applying Automation in Word
  • Working with Building Blocks
  • Configuring AutoCorrect
  • Incorporating Custom Dictionary in Word
Module 3: Using Advanced Document Formatting Features in Word
  • Controlling Text Flow
  • Pagination
  • Widow/Orphan Controls
  • Section Breaks
  • Columns
  • Working with Styles
  • Headers & Footers
  • Removing Header/Footer on Cover Page
  • Creating Alternating Header/Footer
  • Section Header/Footer
  • Footnotes & Endnotes
  • Creating Footnotes & Endnotes
  • Understanding the Footnotes & Endnotes Dialog Box
  • Changing Number Format of existing Footnotes & Endnotes
  • Converting Notes
  • Bookmarks & Cross-Referencing
  • Creating Master Document & Subdocuments
  • Understanding & Creating Master Documents
  • Creating Subdocuments
  • Working with Master Documents
  • Inserting Subdocuments
  • Formatting a Master Document
  • Editing Subdocuments
  • Merging & Splitting Subdocuments
  • Deleting Subdocuments
  • Creating Table of Contents
  • Using a Built-in Table of Contents
  • Using a Custom Table of Contents
  • Updating Table of Contents
  • Creating an Index
  • Understanding about Indexing
  • Marking Index Entries
  • Creating an AutoMark File for Index Entries
  • Using an AutoMark File to generate an Index
  • Deleting unwanted Index Entries
  • Generating an Index using manually marked Index Entries
  • Updating an Index
Module 4: Mail Merge
  • Overview of Mail Merge
  • Preparing Data for Mail Merge
  • Preparing a Form Letter for Mail Merge
  • Merging Form Letter with its Data Source
  • Creating & Printing Labels
Module 5: Integrating Excel Data into a Word Document
Module 6: Creating Forms in Word
  • Understanding Electronic Forms in Word
  • Understanding Content Controls
  • Adding Text Controls & Setting Properties
  • Using the Date Picker Control
  • Adding Numeric Controls & Formulas
  • Adding Combo Box & Drop Down List
  • Protecting & Saving the Form
Module 7: Collaborating in Word
  • Tracking & Managing Document Changes
  • Adding & Reviewing Comments
  • Comparing & Merging Documents
Module 8: Macros
  • Recording a Macro
  • Running a Macro
  • Assigning Macro to Quick Access Toolbar
Module 9: Securing Document in Word
  • Understanding Document Protection
  • Making a Document Read-Only
  • Restricting Formatting
  • Making Exceptions

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Microsoft Certified Trainer

All of our Associate Trainers offer our high level of service therefore are subject to regular peer assessments and interview prior to joining our Institute. They must all be qualified and have relevant experience to an agreed level and are subjected to continual audit and evaluation. Strict internal assessment is implemented as an integral part of our quality control mechanism.