Taking Initiatives


Course introduction

What is Initiative? It is about doing the right thing without being told. It means doing the right thing to manage your work and your life. When you take initiatives to manage your work, you always go the extra mile and do more than what you are asked to do. You also add value to your work.
You also need to take initiatives to manage your life – your time, your stress and changes in your life and work. No one loves you or cares for you as yourself. You need to take initiatives to have time for yourself, to manage stress and the changes happening at your workplace and your personal life.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities to incrementally improve their work and workplace or solve simple routine problems
  • Identify changes happening at work and life and seeing changes as gain and enjoying change
  • Identify time management problems and implement solution
  • Identify sources of stress and managing them for work-life balance

Target Audience


Course Outline

Module 1: Taking Initiatives at Work

  • Finding new and better ways of doing things
  • Choose to do the RIGHT THING rather do THINGS RIGHT
  • Add value to work effort by acquiring skills that your colleagues do not have
  • Achieving productivity and Innovation in Daily Effort (PRIDE)
Module 2: Taking Initiatives to Manage Change
  • Anticipate Change
  • Change is Gain
  • Change Quickly
  • Enjoy Change
Module 3: Taking Initiatives to Manage Time
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Prepare a Daily To-Do List
  • Overcome Procrastination and Time Stealers
Module 4: Taking Initiatives to Manage Stress
  • Types of Stress
  • Managing Stress through the Five Senses
  • Stress Relief Exercises
Module 5: Personal Action Plan
  • Personal Evaluation
  • Personal Action Plan to Manage Work, Changes, Time and Stress

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Trainer Profile

Jeffrey Goh

All of our Associate Trainers offer our high level of service therefore are subject to regular peer assessments and interview prior to joining our Institute. They must all be qualified and have relevant experience to an agreed level and are subjected to continual audit and evaluation. Strict internal assessment is implemented as an integral part of our quality control mechanism.