Speak with Impact


Course introduction

This course will empower you to prepare and deliver great presentations using our cutting-edge approach.

The course was designed by a double-winner of the World Debating Competition, courtroom lawyer, international trainer and Member of Parliament, so everything is truly battle-tested. Only the very best techniques and strategies made it into the seminar. The techniques you will learn are innovative, dynamic and make a quick and lasting impact.

The overall aim is two-fold: be far better by the end of the course and have a range of tools to enable you to continue improving in the long-term. The entire course is underpinned by our award-winning 'Isolate, then Integrate®' system. After two intense days you will be hungry to put our techniques into practice and you will start to thrive as a speaker. Note: Maximum of 10 delegates.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Find out how to Open with Impact
  • Discover how to have a Successful Close
  • Learn how to Deliver with Sparkle
  • Explore how to craft Key Messages that Stick
  • Experience Winning with the Audience
  • Learn how to deal with questions and problems
  • Deliver a 5 minute integrated presentation on video

Target Audience

Any business professional who wants to deliver an impressive and accomplished presentation to

  • Chair or attend key meetings
  • Speak in front of large groups or in conferences
  • Persuade and convince colleagues’

Course Outline

Opening with Impact - your audience will make a judgement about you very quickly

  • Understanding the importance of a good start
  • Learning the best opening techniques
  • Highlighting the key mistakes to avoid
  • How to get off to the right start
  • Review of real life examples of great and poor openings
  • Practice some of the opening techniques
Closing successfully – like the ending of a film, closing must be powerful and conclusive
  • Understand the importance of closing
  • Techniques for closing powerfully
  • Mistakes to avoid when closing
  • Review of real life examples of excellent and wasted closings
  • Practice some of the closing techniques
Deliver with Sparkle – the world is full of people with good material delivered poorly
  • Learn the secrets of a successful delivery
  • Looking at what makes a great presenter
  • Three factors of the presentation triangle
  • Individual presentation to assess your natural delivery style
  • The importance of body language and voice in a successful delivery
  • Guide to body language
  • Guide to voice
  • Tools to improve delivery
  • Unique techniques to make an instant improvement
  • Practical exercise
Key Messages – these are what you want the audience to remember
  • Defining and refining what they are
  • Creating ways to ensure your key messages are memorable
  • Practice closing with emphasis on key messages
Winning with the audience – only the audience get to decide how good your presentation was
  • Audience engagement at preparation stage
  • Understanding audience dynamics
  • Audience engagement during presentation
  • The 2 critical rules for winning with the audience
  • Practical exercise
Dealing with questions and problems – do not let them sabotage your presentation
  • How to identify potential problems before they occur
  • Techniques for answering questions
  • Dealing with particularly difficult audience members
  • Importance of body language
  • Practice

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Bill Brown

Bill Brown has worked at Board level in major international Blue-chip organisations, was a Director with a large engineering contractor and has consulted to a number of multinational undertakings. By training he was a professional Electrical Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering Technology (FIET), C.Eng, and has authored numerous published papers.

He has devoted the past 20 years to training and developing organisations and individuals with particular emphasis in the presentation and delivery skills area. He has successfully coached thousands of professional staff over the years, many of whom now hold senior positions within their respective organisations.
Bill has delivered numerous Speak With Impact courses in the UK, Switzerland, Europe, Hong Kong and mainland China. He has also delivered after-dinner speeches and seminars to numerous Business Organisations around the world.

Speak With Impact trainers individually and collectively have won a number of national and international awards including the following:
- AI Business Excellence Awards 2016 – Innovation in Public Speaking Courses UK
- AI Business Excellence Awards 2015 – Best for Public Speaking Courses UK Winner 2004 JCI Most Outstanding Trainer in the World
- Winner 2004 JCI Most Outstanding Trainer in Europe
- Winner 2002 of World Debating Competition
- Winner 1999 of World Debating Competition
- Winner 1999 of European Debating Competition