Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 - Level 2 Advanced


Course introduction

PowerPoint is becoming more than just a presentation aide. With audiences demanding more than just pretty visuals look at, the PowerPoint presentation has become more than just an adjunct to the speaker – more often than not it shares centre stage with the speaker.
The course aims to take PowerPoint users beyond the basics.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Learn to create customised and dynamic, multimedia-style presentations using a wide variety of rich media assets – audio, video, Flash and the like
  • Gain the skills necessary to work with design templates, various types of diagrams, special effects, custom slide shows, collaboration functionality, and advanced presentation delivery.

Target Audience

Anyone who needs to prepare dynamic slideshows in the multimedia-style for presentations would benefit from this course.

Course Outline

Module 1: Customising PowerPoint

  • Customise Quick Access Toolbar
  • Personalise the Interface
  • Customise Save Options
Module 2: Editing Presentation Masters
  • Creating a Custom Layout
  • Setting Up Slide Masters
  • Formatting Slide & Title Master
  • Preserving Slide Master
  • Adding Header & Footer Information
  • Inserting New Slide & Design Master
  • Create Custom Themes
  • Working with Notes Master
  • Working with Handout Master
Module 3: Creating & Editing Business Diagrams
  • Creating a Table
  • Setting Table Options
  • Applying Table Styles
  • Entering Data in Table Cells
  • Adjusting Table Cells
  • Importing & Displaying Excel Data
Module 4: Working with Templates
  • Saving as Template
  • Applying a Custom Template
Module 5: Creating a Multimedia Enriched Presentation
  • Adding Special Effects
  • Applying Animation Scheme
  • Working with Animation Painter
  • Animating Text & Objects
  • Animating Chart
  • Inserting Sounds & Video
  • Controlling Media Items
  • Timeline Sequencing
  • Changing Multimedia Settings
  • Inserting Animated GIF’s
Module 6: Expanding a Slide Show
  • Creating a Custom Show
  • Setting Up the Slide Show
  • Slide Timings
  • Setting Automatic Slide Timings
  • Rehearsing Slide Transition Timings
  • Annotate a Presentation
Module 7: Creating a Web Presentation
  • Creating a Web Presentation
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Using Action Button & Action Settings
  • Publish Presentation as Web Page
Module 8: Collaborating on a Presentation
  • Reviewing a Presentation
  • Working with Comments
  • Working with Slide Library
Module 9: Securing & Distributing a Presentation
  • Secure Presentations
  • Package a Presentation

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Microsoft Certified Trainer

All of our Associate Trainers offer our high level of service therefore are subject to regular peer assessments and interview prior to joining our Institute. They must all be qualified and have relevant experience to an agreed level and are subjected to continual audit and evaluation. Strict internal assessment is implemented as an integral part of our quality control mechanism.