Creating Structured Agendas with Productive Minutes


Course introduction

In this era, more meetings are being conducted without ever being in a meeting room.
Ensuring continuity in our discussions becomes all the more challenging today with a mobile generation equipped with the latest technology. As such, organising a meeting with an Effective Agenda and preparing Productive minutes of meetings is becoming a necessity, not only for the secretary but every individual in an organisation.
This workshop will discuss what will be needed to create Minutes that are Productive and an Agenda, which will be effective to generate useful Minutes. It will be a session filled with interaction, discussions and exercises with various skills in planning, listening and note- taking that are essential prior to the meeting as well as what will be needed as follow up after the meeting.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Understand the Importance of an Effective Agenda
  • Checklist to Prepare for a meeting
  • Recognize the Challenges in Minute taking
  • Hone Fundamentals Skills needed in Writing Minutes
  • Transcribe meeting discussions succinctly
  • Develop effective Follow Up Techniques

Target Audience

Executives, Team Leaders and Supervisors, Project Members, Secretaries, Managers and Professionals.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • What is an Agenda and it’s impact on the Minutes of Meeting
  • Importance of a well-planned agenda
  • Consequences of an Inadequate Minutes
  • Understand different types of Minutes
Module 2: Preparing An Agenda
  • Why do we have meetings?
  • Importance of an Effective Agenda
  • Agenda Structure and Key Information
Module 3: Pre-Meeting
  • Preparatory Information and Documents
  • Pre-Meeting Checklist
  • Attendance List and Preparation of Minutes Template
Module 4: Meeting Requirement
  • Words and Phrases used in the context of meetings
  • Identify and clarify Relevant Information
  • The 5 Essential Steps in Minutes Taking
Module 5: Post Meeting
  • Ability to review Notes taken
  • Converting Notes into Productive Minutes
  • Establishing 3W template
  • Types of grammar used in Minutes
  • Follow up checklist

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Madeline Ernest

Madeline Ernest has more than 14 years of working experience in account management and eight years of in-house training, management development and facilitation experience. Madeline has a varied and vibrant career path. She started the career journey as a school teacher in her alma mater for 5 years. After which, she made a tremendous leap to the world of advertising and brand communications where she chalked up 14 years of valuable experience working on prestigious international brands such as Samsung and Visa International . Madeline has a unique advantage of blending her experiences from the vibrant advertising industry that i s underpinned with her training as a qualified educator. Hence having the ability to engage and inspire is part of her DNA.

Madeline is a firm believer that ‘soft skills’ are not just important but are a prerequisite for success in the workplace. This belief resulted in Madeline being a natural choice to train and mentor the younger members of the account management team stretching over a period of eight years.