The Essentials of Report Writing


Course introduction

“The Essentials of Report Writing” is designed to empower individuals with the vital skills necessary for producing impactful reports. This program equips participants with the expertise needed to create clear, persuasive, and well-structured reports that shine in diverse professional and academic arenas. Whether you are in the corporate world, government, research, or academia, this course will enable you to communicate with authority and precision, elevating your report-writing capabilities to a professional standard.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Understand the need to use clear, concise language to write effective reports
  • Understand the basic structure of report writing
  • Understand the strategy to guiding the reader through the report
  • Gain awareness of tips and techniques to help deliver more effective reports
  • Apply the learning to the workplace

Target Audience

This course welcomes professionals from diverse fields, students at all academic levels, and government officials. It is designed to benefit anyone seeking to improve their report-writing skills, empowering them to communicate effectively in their respective areas, be it in the corporate world, academia, government roles, or business endeavors.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Report Writing
• Understanding the purpose and types of reports
• Identifying the audience and their expectations
• The importance of clear communication in reports

Module 2: Preparing to Write
• Defining your report's objectives and scope
• Research and data collection techniques
• Organizing your research materials effectively

Module 3: Structuring Your Report
• The standard report structure
• Writing effective introductions and executive summaries
• Crafting compelling titles and headings

Module 4: Writing Techniques
• Developing a clear and concise writing style
• Avoiding common grammar and punctuation errors
• Using visuals (tables, graphs, etc) to enhance understanding

Module 5: Group Activity and Peer Review
• Participants work on a report-writing exercise
• Peer review and feedback session
• Error analysis

Module 6: Review and Q&A
• Review of key takeaways
• Participant questions and discussion
• Course evaluation and feedback

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Madeline Ernest

Madeline Ernest has more than 14 years of working experience in account management and eight years of in-house training, management development and facilitation experience. She has a varied and vibrant career path. She started the career journey as a school teacher in her alma mater for 5 years. After which, she made a tremendous leap to the world of advertising and brand communications where she chalked up 14 years of valuable experience working on prestigious international brands such as Samsung and Visa International . Madeline has a unique advantage of blending her experiences from the vibrant advertising industry that is underpinned with her training as a qualified educator. Hence having the ability to engage and inspire is part of her DNA.

She left the world of advertising in 2009 to purse an MBA. Upon obtaining her MBA at James Cook University (Singapore), Madeline launched onto a completely new chapter with various new initiatives - including launching two e-commerce websites. She excelled in her MBA course and one of the select few to be invited to be a member of the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society. The organisation is dedicated to personal, professional and altruistic achievement and Madeline is proud to be part of this movement.

Madeline has worked at a number of multi-national agencies in Singapore, including DDB Needham, Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) and BBDO Worldwide. Managing both the regional businesses of Visa International and Samsung were the highlight of her career as Madeline was tasked to lead agency teams in Asia Pacific. She has had the privilege and honor to have worked with some of the best brands in the business - from Hilton International, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Kraft Foods, Adidas, Fonterra, and Ericsson Telecommunications.

During her tenure at BBDO Worldwide, she was integral part of the BBDO agency team for Visa International from 2005 to 2008. She was the team leader for regionally driven print and tv campaigns for Asia Pacific, for e.g. the highly successful Visa commercials featuring Jackie Chan in support of Beijing 2008. Her contributions on the Visa brand and advertising campaigns did not go unnoticed. Her performance was singled out by Visa's regional South-East-Asia Marketing Director in the annual agency assessment as that of "...being fantastic and hugely supportive". Madeline's track record demonstrates how she has successfully pulled together various stakeholders through initiatives to grow both the business from an agency standpoint as well as to help increase top of brand awareness for the clients.

Madeline is a firm believer that 'soft skills' are not just important but are a prerequisite for success in the workplace. This belief resulted in Madeline being a natural choice to train and mentor the younger members of the account management team stretching over a period of eight years.