The Art of Influencing and Persuasion


Course introduction

"The Art of Influencing and Persuasion" is a versatile guide designed for all participants. This workshop provides strategic and nuanced techniques to empower individuals in various roles, helping them effectively influence and persuade others. Emphasizing persuasive communication, empathetic understanding, and ethical considerations, it caters to a broad spectrum of contexts, from professional to personal interactions. Whether you're a leader, team member, or anyone seeking to enhance communication skills, this guide serves as a valuable tool for making a positive impact through influential and persuasive communication.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Adaptability: Participants will learn how to apply the principles of influencing and persuasion across a variety of situations and audiences, demonstrating adaptability in their communication approach.
  • Strategic Mastery: The program equips participants with strategic techniques, enabling them to navigate complex communication scenarios with a heightened understanding of how to effectively influence and persuade.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: The emphasis on persuasive communication helps participants refine their ability to articulate ideas, motivate others, and establish meaningful connections.
  • Ethical Awareness: Participants will gain insights into the ethical considerations associated with influence and persuasion, promoting responsible and principled application of these skills.
  • Positive Impact: The overarching goal is for participants to leverage their newfound knowledge to make a positive impact, both professionally and personally, by fostering collaboration and achieving desired outcomes through influential and persuasive communication.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who needs to plan and execute small or large scale events
  • Anyone who wishes to increase their skills and knowledge in managing projects

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Influencing and Persuasion
    • Introducing the basics of influencing and persuasion
    • Understanding why it matters in everyday life
    • Exploring fundamental concepts for effective interaction
  2. Understanding Your Audience
    • Techniques for audience analysis
    • Tailoring messages for different individuals and groups
    • Identifying and addressing diverse needs and motivations
  3. Strategic Communication Strategies
    • Crafting persuasive messages
    • Leveraging storytelling and narrative techniques
    • Utilizing rhetorical devices for impact
  4. Psychology of Persuasion
    • Understanding the basics of how people make decisions
    • Recognizing common mental shortcuts (biases) and how they impact choices
    • Building trust and credibility through effective communication
  5. Ethical Considerations in Influencing
    • Exploring what's right and wrong in persuasion
    • Setting boundaries for ethical communication
    • Discussing real-life examples and making responsible choices
  6. Practical Application and Skill Development
    • Role-playing exercises for real-world scenarios
    • Constructive feedback and coaching sessions
    • Action planning for applying learned skills in participants' contexts

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Ivan Phua

A self-motivated, engaging and experienced trainer, Ivan Phua is able to conceptualize and present contents captivatingly and professionally. His easy-going and relational style helps build rapport with participants and draws out key learning concepts. Capable in research and planning, he develops programs and workshops that meets the needs across various industries.

Ivan is creative and dynamic and he inspires clients to improve their current and future fulfilment and performance by increasing their ability to accomplish through changing their attitudes and habits and developing their skills and knowledge. He brings the best out of them and is able to make things relevant yet fun, refreshing yet applicable and keeps his audience engaged. He propels his workshops with highly interactive fun and humor to schools, Institutes of Higher Learning and organizations.

Prior to becoming a Corporate Trainer, Ivan held various management roles including Sales & Marketing, Operations and Services in different industries. His passion in people development helped him forged close relationships with his clients and provided valuable solutions and support to their challenges and led them to improve their competence and awareness.

Trained close to 1,000 staff from frontline, middle to senior management from various industries like F&B, Service, Retail, Education, Government, SMEs and MNCs on Presentation Skills, Teambuilding, Time Management, Customer Service, Leadership & Motivation, Stress Management, Interviewing Skills and Performance Management.