Developing Future Leaders Managing the EPIC Generation


Course introduction

This generation of leaders are unique in the sense that we have up to 4 generations of workers co-existing at the same time in the workforce. Each generation of workforce comes with its unique tribal knowledge and life experiences, and especially the millennials – they are unlike any workforce we have seen in the past!

The management, leadership and relationships across these 4 generations poses unique challenges that has been much discussed and debated as each generation struggles to understand and adapt to each other.

Together with the workforce demographic complexity, the working environment is also seeing dramatic changes, not linearly, but exponentially. The emergence of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) working environment poses piercing challenges in leadership and management.

This workshop aims to explore the workforce demographic changes and working environment change to understand it’s implications on effective management and leadership for organizations.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Gain a deep understanding of the roles of an effective manager
  • Understand the importance of self-leadership in the growth and progression of a manager
  • Learn and practice the related competency categories for managers and leaders
  • Exercise and experience the impact of applying managerial leadership competencies in simulated scenarios in the workshop
  • Learn application of managerial leadership competencies in the various core roles of a manager

Target Audience

Team leaders, People Managers, Managers of managers, Senior Leadership Teams, Professionals seeking both professional and personal growth.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Upcoming Demographic Changes
  • Baby boomers
  • Gen X
  • Gen Y
  • Millennials
  • Implications on the Workforce
  • Learning
  • Motivation
  • Communications
  • Understanding Changes in Working Environment
  • What is VUCA?
  • What does VUCA mean for organisations?
  • What does VUCA mean for employees?
  • What does VUCA mean for managers and leaders?
  • Responding to the Demographic Changes
  • Understanding managerial leadership challenges
  • What are the skills and competencies needed?
  • Role modelling and skills practice
  • Responding to VUCA
  • What VUCA demands of managers and leaders
  • What are the skills and competencies to meet the VUCA challenge?
  • Role modelling and skills practice
  • Building Managerial and Leadership Competencies
  • Envisioning the future organisation
  • Employee in the future
  • Mapping the Future Leader
  • Mapping the Future Manager

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Hoe Choy

Hoe Choy (HC) has close to 30 years of practical, hands-on experience in leading, designing and implementing learning solutions, talent development programs, and organisation branding & employee engagement initiatives for multi-national corporations (MNCs) across Asia. Having trained thousands of professionals, managers and senior leaders across different cultures, HC is now using his experience to focus on helping build successful organisation through high performance teams.

HC past appointments include careers with Molex Far East South Management as Regional Training Manager, Dell Global BV a Senior Manager, L&OD (South Asia) and CSC Asia as Director of L&OD. He has also held manufacturing appointments with GM Singapore and Baxter Healthcare. He was on secondment to Singapore’s Economic Development Board prior to making a career switch to people development in 1995. His last held appointment was Area Leader, L&D Training (Asia, Pacific, Middle East & Africa) for Abbott Laboratories, where he was a member of Abbott’s Global L&D Leadership Team.

HC Holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & production) with a Master’s of Science (Industrial & Systems Engineering) both from the National University of Singapore. With his broad-based experience and deep knowledge in the practical implementation of L&OD tools & programs, HC is an excellent resource to tap on to find the best L&OD solutions to support your company’s business success.

Some of his major clients he worked with include Sanofi Pharmaceuticals (Malaysia), Abbott Laboratories (Singapore), HERE Solutions (Singapore), the mapping division of Nokia, CTC-G (Malaysia), a leading IT Solutions provider and part of ITOCHU group of Japan, EMC Computers (SEA), GoPivotal (Asia), CHEPS Asia, a third party logistics management company, UOB Bank (Singapore), IOI Loders Croklaan Asia, the world largest specialty oils & fats supplier, Hong Ming Store Singapore, the leading fabrics provider in Singapore for curtains and household use and Cocoa Boutique, Malaysia’s largest chocolate paradise.