Disruptive Thinking to Drive Innovation & Growth - Building Strategic Leadership Capability

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Disruption is everywhere. It's changing industries, overturning long-held conventions and dramatically improving the consumer experience. You can fear this change or you can thrive in this new era of rapid, discontinuous change. In a fast-paced disruptive world, leaders need to be able to think in a disruptive way! It's becoming the most important leadership capability. In this powerful 1-day course, leaders will learn how to create new, disruptive opportunities and prepare for any disruptive threats before these emerge. Participants should be prepared to move out of their comfort zone and have their mental models disrupted! This is a fast-paced, interactive, engaging and challenging course. Other courses by Dr Ken Hudson include: - Speed Thinking - Marketing Creativity

Course Benefits

Learning Objectives:

  • To generate a Disruption SWOT for your organisation as well as learning other Disruptive Thinking Tools
  • To unlock new disruptive ideas, opportunities or business models for each participant
  • To open participants' minds to new disruptive threats (hint - they are not in front of you)
  • To facilitate participants learning, collaborating and sharing with each other
Learning Outcomes:
  • A practical way to apply disruptive thinking to any situation with any team
  • A range of new, disruptive product and revenue growth ideas
  • A way to make disruption happen with less risk and more engagement
  • An opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals who want to change the world for the better.
  • A systematic way to avoid competitive surprises and disrupt them before they disrupt you!

Target Audience

This is a course for anyone in a management or leadership position regardless of discipline. Disruption impacts every function, not just the digital or technology heads.The content, processes and tools can be applied both within the organisation and in the market-place.  Be prepared to be challenged by the course content and the breath of perspectives of course participants.

Course Outline

  • The age of disruption is here, examples and case studies
  • A quick history of disruptive theory
  • Why this theory needs to be disrupted (i.e. it’s too important to be left to the IT guys)
  • What is disruptive thinking? Who, when, where to use it?
  • The 5 stage disruption process (theory and application)
  • A range of Disruptive Tools (including how to evaluate a disruptive idea)
  • Who should you be worried about? A new way to look at the competition and what to do about it
  • How to make Disruption happen – one small win at a time
  • Summary, Reflections and next steps

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Dr Ken Hudson

Dr Ken Hudson is a former marketing director at American Express and international author, speaker and trainer. He has a PhD in Organisational Creativity and has published 3 books on idea generation that have been published in 9 countries. He specialises in unlocking creativity and innovation in individuals, groups & teams quickly.

Dr Hudson invented and taught Marketing Creativity at the University of Technology, Sydney for 10 years at a post-graduate level (as a part-time lecturer). He is Australia's leading authority on creativity & innovation and believes that every individual, group, team and organisation has a latent potential for greater creativity & innovation.

He has been interviewed by Business Review Weekly, ABC Radio, The Australian Financial Review, The Boss Magazine and contributed many articles for Marketing Magazine, HR Monthly, Leading Company and Fast Thinking, about creativity, innovation & speed thinking.