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Course introduction

The Respond to Fire Emergency in Buildings course prepares Company Emergency Response Team members (CERT) with the knowledge and application skills to function as a member of an emergency response team in order to implement the emergency response skills during an emergency incident in buildings. The mode of assessment for this unit may include work activity/assignment and written/oral tests.

Course Benefits

SDF (WDA) funding up to 95% of course fees available for S'poreans and PRs*

20 CDP Points from SCDF and 16 SDU points upon successful completion of the course.

Course Pre-Requisites

Medical Requirements *COMPULSORY*
•   Participant is required to fill up self-assessment form if he/she intends to attend the 2-day or 3-day CERT course. The Medical documents are to be submitted to Avanta along with registration form.

The candidates have to fill the self-assessment form; if the candidate declares “Yes” in any of the criteria in the self-assessment then he has to undergo a medical examination by an authorized doctor as per the guidelines given in the form “Instruction to Doctors”. Doctors have to check the candidate and in turn have to fill the Certificate of fitness.

If the candidate declares “NO” in all the criteria’s in the self-assessment form, he can be directly admitted into the course. He need not be certified by the doctor.

Target Audience

Company Emergency Response Team members (CERT) in Public and Industrial buildings with valid petroleum and flammable materials storage license (< 5 metric tonnes). CERT, Fire Safety Officers and staff who are the first to respond to fire emergencies in the buildings can attend this course.

Course Outline

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Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

WSQ Approved Trainer

WSQ Approved trainer by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)