Art of Presenting with Charts & Figures

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Course introduction

This course is for anyone who has to make use of data and numbers to convince others. This interactive two-day course will equip you with practical techniques and knowledge on charts and figures to increase the impact and clarity of your message. Participants will learn to determine their message, use different charts to achieve their message objectives, and apply techniques of visual communication to design powerful charts. They will also be able to communicate complex data and information scenarios in a simple, clear and impactful manner to their audience.

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Gain powerful presentation design skills that allows you to prepare charts that put across your message and data more effectively and coherently to management readers, customers and stakeholders
  • Provide clear and concise business and research insights to your management audience, customers and peers
  • Convince others more effectively with strategic business data to achieve business alignment, business goals or increased sales
  • Increase the persuasive impact of your presentations by gaining powerful presentation charts design skills
  • Establish credibility in your professional work and improve your work performance as you are able to communicate your ideas and quantitative insights in a clear and effective manner

Target Audience

Executives, Managers and Senior Managers who wants to improve their charts presentations
Participants should have at least a basic proficiency in using Microsoft Charts and Excel to benefit more from this course

Course Outline

Mastering Storytelling

  • Powerful Way to Start a Presentation
  • Conquering Short Attention Span
  • Managing Your Audience
  • Powerful Way to End a Presentation
  • Managing Psychological Aspects in Presentation
Selecting Charts & Formats of Presentation
  • The Science behind Good Data Visualization
  • Learning Types of Data Presentation Formats
  • Selecting Data Presentation Formats
  • Chart & Table Selection Guidelines
Creating Charts & Figures in Presentation
  • Designing Persuasive Charts and Tables
  • Anatomy of Charts
  • Clear and Effective Chart Creation
  • Use of Labels and Legends
Effective Presentations Using Charts & Figures
  • Delivering Message using Charts & Figures
  • Issues to be addressed when presenting to different audiences
  • Achieving Clarity and Impact

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Michelle Lim

Michelle Lim brings with her more than ten years of experience in training, people management and customer service with multinationals, SMEs as well as government organisations. Companies which have benefited from her insight and experience include Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore Press Holdings, Changi Airport Group, Singapore College of Insurance, American International Group, Institute of Banking & Finance, Inland Revenue
Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Defence, Public Service Division (Prime Minister's Office) and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

Michelle was formerly from Citi (Global Consumer Banking), where she managed high customer-impact projects in a complex cross-functional and multi-cultural environment. Her experience launching and managing major services for the bank provides her with the insight and depth in managing the end-to-end customer experience from the employee as well as organisational point of view. Her customer service background extends from B2C
to B2B and G2C markets. In her B2B experience, she handled key client accounts such as SingTel, DBS, Sony and Zone Telecom. In the government sector, she was with the Ministry of Manpower, where she was one of the pioneer managers of strategic manpower planning and was involved in setting up the relationship platforms and processes of the department in relation to other statutory boards and ministries.

In her workshops, Michelle also helps participants to transform the way they speak, write and communicate with a practical inside-out approach. In her many years of communications experience in both private and public sectors, she has presented to and written reports for Ministers, CEOs, Directors and others; groups large and small; and different types of audience as well as in different types of business situations. Michelle is also trained as an image consultant by London Image Institute and Imageworks Asia, accredited by AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) based in United States.

Michelle strives to create learning that inspire, engage and transform individuals and organisations. Her workshops focus not just on the theories of training but more importantly, incorporates a practical yet powerful approach to enable participants to build confidence, apply transforming techniques and improve their workplace performance and capabilities.