HR as an Organisational Coach-Mentor

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Course introduction

When executives and managers seek help with becoming the best leader they can be, they increasingly turn to HR coach-mentors for support and guidance. HR coach-mentors offer one-on-one planning, feedback and assessment for high-level executives, managers and supervisors, addressing human resource issues and opportunities that affect an entire organisation.

Course Benefits

Course Objectives

  • Develop confidence to act consistently as an effective coach-mentor
  • Build strategies for the development and improvement of coaching and mentoring, both face-to-face and virtual environments
  • Develop specialist skills and enhanced professional practice with teams
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to support organisational change programmes through coaching and mentoring
  • Explain how to get maximum return on the investment in coaching programmes

Target Audience

HR or L&D professional with responsibility for developing organisational coach-mentoring programmes and strategies to build a successful and sustainable coaching culture within the organisation. 

Course Outline

Section 1

  • The role of coaching in organisations
  • Coaching and Mentoring Models and Frameworks
  • Practitioner Level coaching and mentoring competences
Section 2
  • Learning & Psychological Theory
  • Psychological Concepts
  • Communication and Relationships
Section 3
  • Organisation & Leadership Models
  • Coach Skills and Competencies
  • Coaching in the Context of Change
  • Best Practice in Performance Coaching
Section 4
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Values and ethics
  • Ethical dilemmas for the Internal Coach
Section 5
  • Monitoring and evaluating coaching in organisations
  • Developing a Coaching Culture

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

CIPD Certified Consultant

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