The Influential HR and Stakeholder Management

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Course introduction

Business leaders and CEOs have an ability to balance the many different, often competing, stakeholder demands.  Unfortunately, many great HR leaders derail as they climb the corporate ladder through a lack of understanding or skills in this area. The Influential HR and Stakeholder Management will help you build successful partnerships within your organisation and shape your company’s key agendas. It will also help you work with people who add value, to join you in your organisational goals and incentives. 

Course Benefits

Course Objectives

  • Identify your key stakeholders
  • Plan different influencing strategies and know when to apply them
  • Know how to strategically plan to influence and manage stakeholders
  • Be better prepared to present your business case with impact

Target Audience

The Influential HR and Stakeholder Management is suitable for HR practitioners wishing to create lasting value and build support for their organisation’s future.

Course Outline

Stage 1:
What are you trying to achieve?

  • strategy and vision definition
Stage 2:
Where are you currently?
  • current reality and gap analysis between current reality and ideal future state
Stage 3:
Who are your stakeholders?
  • mapping of stakeholders
Stage 4:
Understanding different people
  • individual differences and influencing
Stage 5:
Different strategies
  • different influencing strategies and their usage
Stage 6:
Behaviours to make the strategies work
  • applying requisite leadership skills for influencing and managing stakeholders, including board level

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Trainer Profile

CIPD Certified Consultant

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