Leading Strategic HR Transformation

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Course introduction

Objectives: Describe unique choices in HR transformation and HR partnering • Summarise key steps in HR transformation and HR partnering • Re-assess your previous change experiences to inform your current change initiative • Articulate your business case for change including vision, milestones, success measures, plan • Involve key people through meaningful discussions about the required change • Influence personal reactions to change, working through resistance to buy-in • Create committed alliances, mobilise teams and follow through to achieve needed results and performance • Review various strategic choices in HR transformation and what their implications might mean • Examine in depth what Talent Management is and how it can become the focus of HR transformation • Come up with a blueprint of a Strategic HR transformation, partnering plan and implementation

Course Outline

Defining Human Resource Transformation and HR Partnering

-    What are the traditional problems with HR that lead to the need for HR transformation and partnering?
-    Definitions of HR transformation and partnering

Lessons from your experience of change

•    Forces for change: Why is change necessary? What is possible/impossible?
•    Appreciative inquiry: your experience of what works
•    So what is Change? What is Transformation? Technical vs adaptive problems.
•    Pre-work, programme, your objectives, contract for success

Managing endings

•    Seeing your challenge differently: inhibitors, enablers, multiple dimensions
•    S curves and navigating turning points
•    Making a break with the past and re-writing your story
•    Celebrating, letting go and stepping over the line

Human reactions and preparing for transformation

•    From just a project to bringing self and others through change
•    Writing your message of change and trying it for impact
•    Listening at 3 levels and receiving feedback
•    Change equation and DICE

Personalising your leadership

•    Understanding our reactions
•    Coming through the transition curve with ranting and recovering control
•    Identifying the stakeholders and shifting the system
•    From just a project to commitment, rackets and sourcing your power

Thinking outside the box

•    Breakthrough examples, creating change without stress
•    Your vision and project plan

Conversations to enrol people

•    Trying out ways to work through resistance to responsibility
•    Naming the problem and asking why to challenge assumptions
•    Collaborating to create a different and much more enabling environment

Mobilising the wider organisation

•    Working on multiple scales from person to team to organisation
•    Transforming hierarchy to an enabling space featuring trust and confidence
•    Working through dilemmas together to doable actions
•    Kotter’s 8 steps and the 4D cycle
•    Re-prioritising to create time for change, accountability to sustain energy
•    Commitments and contracts with accountability partners

Talent Management as the Focus of HR Transformation and Partnering

-    Strategic Talent Management versus Tactical Talent Management
-    How Talent Management and HR are related and are different

Recruiting and Selecting Talent

-    How does recruiting and selecting talent fit into a comprehensive talent program?
-    Why are there needs for innovative approaches to recruitment and selection?

How does retention fit into a comprehensive talent program?

-    Developing Talent: What are the components of development?
-    Engaging Talent: What are the components of engagement?
-    Deploying Talent: How does deployment fit into a comprehensive Talent Management program?
-    Retaining Talent: Why are there needs for more attention to retention?

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