Microsoft Excel VBA Programming

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Course introduction

Course Fee S$395.00 (Fundings: SDF, PIC & Skills Future Credit available) Course Objective: Introduction To Macros VBA Environment o Working With Objects o Variables, Subroutines, Functions and Arrays o Operators and Decision Making o Loops o Custom Forms Dialogs and Events o Handling Errors

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction To Macros

  • Recording method in Macro
  • Create simple macro
  • Make a Macro Do Complex Tasks
  • Trusting Macro – Enabled workbook
Lesson 2: VBA Environment
  • Objects, Properties and Methods
  • Syntax Rules
  • Understanding Workbooks & Worksheets

Lesson 3: Working With Objects
  • Referring to a Range
  • Enhancing Recorded Selections
  • Entering values and formulas into Range
  • Formatting a Range

Lesson 4: Variables, Subroutines, Functions and Arrays
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Declaring Variable and Passing Arguments
  • Function Procedures
  • Using Message Box
  • Using Inputbox
  • Array

Lesson 5: Operators and Decision Making
  • If Statement
  • Case Statement

Lesson 6: Loops
  • Do Loops
  • While ….Wend until
  • For… Next Loop
  • Exiting Loop

Lesson 7: Custom Forms Dialogs and Events
  • Creating a Form
  • Add Option Buttons
  • Add Check Box with a Related Box
  • Initialize the text box
  • Add Command Buttons

Lesson 8: Handling Errors
  • Syntax Errors
  • Complier Errors
  • Run-time Errors
  • Ignore an Error
  • Trap an Error

Lesson 9: Handling Errors
  • Understanding Error Handling
  • Understanding VBA's Error Trapping Options
  • Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
  • Understanding the Err Object
  • Writing an Error-Handling Routine
  • Working with Inline Error Handling

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Trainer Profile

ACTA and Microsoft Certified

VTeach appoints experienced trainers who are knowledgeable on wide range of topics and skillful at teaching in the interesting and simple way. We invest a lot of time finding the right trainers and have fantastic team working for us.
Our trainers are all qualified who are ACTA and Microsoft Certified.