Data-Graphics - Using Charts to Tell a Story

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Course introduction

Narrative infographics tend to use more illustrative design, while explorative infographics need to represent an unbiased view of the data, and thus have little use for illustration. Most people want to create infographics with an approach that takes a nod from both types. In this course, participants are empowered knowledge and skills on how to create charts that appropriately represent the information you have in hand. Participants will also learn how to create charts types that are not available directly in Microsoft Excel such as Waterfall Charts, Broken Y Axis Charts, Step Charts and XY Area Chart: Fill Between XY Series. - See more at:

Course Pre-Requisites

A basic working knowledge of previous versions of Microsoft Office would be an added advantage.

Target Audience

  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Public Relations
  • Content Strategy

Course Outline

  • Information Design Best Practices
  • Illustration
  • Data
  • Graphing Relationships
  • Visualization
  • Other Important Charts

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Comat Training Services

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