Creating Fabulous Infographic Workshop *New* 2 days (applicable to both 2010/ 2013 users)

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Course introduction

Learn: Key Techniques in conceptualizing graphic representation of information or data Acquire the correct graphic designing techniques to create visually attractive infographics for presentation of complex information. How to adopt different visual elements (such as line, shape, mass, light, colour, texture, space, time and motion) and images to maximise the visual impact of the graphics To use appropriate software and tools to develop the graphics. Key knowledge on various innovative methods adopted by international media to extend the reach of their infographics. - See more at:

Course Pre-Requisites

A basic working knowledge of previous versions of Microsoft Office would be an added advantage. - See more at:

Target Audience

  • Marketers,
  • Designers,
  • Public Relations,
  • Content Strategy

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Infographics
  • Creating a Colour Scheme
  • Using Clip Arts and Custom Shapes
  • Fonts for Design
  • Showcasing Information
  • Comparing Two Sides Of The Same Coin
  • What Makes A Good Infographic?
  • Importance And Efficacy: Why Our Brains Love Infographics
  • Infographic Formats: Choosing The Right Vehicle For Your Message
  • Brand-Centric Infographics
  • Pinterest Inspired Infographic: Tiles!
  • Conclusion & Resources

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Comat Training Services

COMAT offers our Consultancy Services as a natural extension to our Education & Training Services. It is a mutually self-reinforcing services that enhances the experience of our team of training consultants. This in turn translates to transference of knowledge and skills to our customers. We are intensely focused on offering services that create values to our customers.

Our Consultancy Services encompasses two key areas that build upon our core competency of Instructional Design and 2 decades of understanding and applying Office Workflow Automation. With our experience in developing e-learning content partnering ST Electronics (Training & Simulation), we are able to continuously innovate solutions that combine the best of online and classroom learning.