Strategic Thinking Fundamentals


Course introduction

Strategic thinking is the ability to see the whole enterprise, spot the emerging trends, understand the dynamic competitive landscape and position the organization to lead it into the future. It is proactive and value adding and always involves change. It is discovering novel strategies that can re-write the rules of the competitive game and create tomorrow's competitive advantage today. This course will provide a thorough overview of strategy, strategy development, the use of score-carding to translate strategy into group and individual key performance indicators (KPI) and more.

Target Audience

  • Senior management
  • managers with planning responsibility

Course Outline

  • Strategic Thinking. What is strategy and the importance of strategy.
  • Trend Analysis. Far external, near external and internal analysis.
  • Case study
  • Values Discipline by Treacy and Wiersema.  
  • Blue Ocean Strategy by Maubaugne and Kim. 
  • Mission, Vision and Values - articulating strategy for rank and file
  • Translation of Strategy to actionable Balanced Scorecards and KPIs. 
  • Scenario Planning and the art of Thinking the Unthinkable. 

Training Methodology
Lectures, group discussions, strategy gaming and case studies
1 Day (8 hours)

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

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