Certificate in Ms Office Package - Intermediate

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Course introduction

This is a fundamental course which covers intermediate theory and practical applications of how to use a computer and the various applications through a combination of lecture and hands-on practical sessions.

Course Pre-Requisites

Age 16 and above.

Course Outline

MS WORD (Intermediate)

Creating and Formatting Tables

  • Create and format tables
  • Add borders and shading to tables
  • Revise tables. insert and delete rows and columns and change cell formats
  • Modify table structure, merge cells, and change cell height and width
  • Rotate text in a table
Working with Objects
  • Insert symbols
  • Use the Drawing toolbar
  • Insert pagebreaks
  • Create sections with formatting that differs from other sections
  • Insert graphics into a document, including WordArt, C1ipArt and Images Creating and Using Newspaper Columns
  • Create and use newspaper columns
  • Revise the width and structure of newspaper columns
  • Apply borders and shadIng to paragraphs
  • Copy formats using the Format Pointer
  • Use the Office Assistant to find help
MS EXCEL (Intermediate)
  • Create Formula using various function
  • Creating and printing Graph
  • Protect files, worksheets and cells
  • Link worksheet data
  • Use Dote and Time functions and Numeric functions In a Worksheet

MS POWERPOINT (Intermediate)
  • Creating Organization Chart
  • Creating of Graph
  • Working with outline view
  • Working with Note Pages View
  • Setting up slide show
  • Animation effects in slide show
  • Advance Printing
MS Access (Introduction to Table, Forms & Reports)
  • Database concept
  • MS Access Table concept
  • Table fields and various data type
  • Creating Ms Access Table using design view
  • Edit table structure and records
  • Simple search in table
  • Design and modify simple forms and reports
  • Calculate within database reports
  • Print reports


Local - 20 hours

Method of Delivery

Lecture / Computer Lab

Award Criteria

Students, who satisfy the minimum attendance requirements (75%) will be issued with the ?Certificate of Attendance? by BMC.

Grading System

No assessment

Assessment Information

No assessment

Appeal Process

Not applicable

Expected date of release of Assessment result

Not applicable

Fee Structures
  • All fees are subject to the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless specified otherwise.
  • Course Application Fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • Do not pay your school fees before you have signed the standard student contract.
  • All fees quoted are in Singapore Dollar (S$).
  • Fees are subject to periodic changes without prior notice.
  • BMC accepts the following methods of payment:
         1. Cash
         2. Cashier's order payable to BMC International College Pte Ltd
         3. Cheque payable to BMC International College Pte Ltd  
         4, NETS
         5. Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club & American Express)

Fees Breakdown
(shows the full breakdown of total payable fees) Total Payable(S$)
Course Application Fee (not covered under FPS and not refundable) - $50.00
Tuition Fee (Original Tuition Fee $600 - Discount $300) - $300.00
Course Material Fee - $0.00
Sub-Total Fee (Except Non-GST items) - $350.00
GST - $24.50
Grand Total Amount(1st Payment) Incl GST & Course Application Fee - $374.50

Miscellaneous Fees
Purpose of Fee Amount (S$) and When Payable
Late payment fees - $60.00(before GST) - $64.20(after GST)
Replacement of student membership card - $30.00(before GST) - $​32.10(after GST)
Re-take examination Admin Fee(per re-sitting)[NO GST] - $50.00[NO GST]

Local - N.A - 20 hours
SDF - N.A - N.A
International - N.A - N.A

Ang Mo Kio Commencement Dates/Timing
  • 3 Sep'15, 7pm to 9:30pm (Mo/Th)
  • 4 Oct'15, 10am to  2pm (Su)
  • 9 Nov'15, 7pm to 9:30pm (Mo/Th)
  • 5 Dec'15, 2pm to 6pm (Sa)
  • 14 Jan'16, 7pm to 9:30pm (Mo/Th)

Bukit Merah Commencement Dates/Timing:
  • 8 Aug'15, 2pm to 6pm (Sa)
  • 31 Aug'15, 7pm to 9:30pm (Mo/Th)
  • 11 Oct'15, 10:30am to 1pm (Su)
  • 9 Nov'15, 7pm to 9:30pm (Mo/Th)
  • 12 Dec'15, 2pm to 6pm (Sa)

Jurong East Commencement Dates/Timing
  • 21 Aug'15, 7pm to 9:30pm (Mo/Fr)
  • 22 Sep'15, 7pm to 9:30pm (Tu/Th)
  • 26 Oct'15, 7pm to 9:30pm (Mo/Fr)
  • 3 Dec'15, 7pm to 9:30pm (Tu/Th)
  • 18 Jan'16, 7pm to 9:30pm (Mo/Fr)

Singapore Shopping Centre Commencement Dates/Timing
13 Sep'15, 2pm to 4:30pm (Su)
4 Oct'15,10am to 2pm (Su)
5 Dec'15, 2pm to 6pm (Sa)

Available Course Sessions

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BMC Engineering Trainer

BMC Engineering Trainer