Certificate in Flash Animation

First Media Professional Learning Centre Pte Ltd

Course introduction

Flash animation basics Students will explore and learn how to create an exciting and attractive interactive website utilising the relevant tools and software (Adobe Flash). Before students can start creating the their flash animations. They would have to first investigate and analyse successful flash animations and websites. Topics covered might consist of:

Course Outline

Week 1 - Introduction: What are vector graphics?
Week 2 - Timelines and Symbols
Week 3 - Creating vector graphics
Week 4 - Animation: Working with layers and frames
Week 5 - Creating interactivity
Week 6 - Basic action scripts
Week 7, 8 & 9 - Project Development
Week 10 & 11 - Project Consultation
Week 12 - Presentation

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Thomas Ee

Thomas Ee graduated with BA (Design) from the University of Western Sydney, Australia in 2003 as well as a Diploma in Visual Communication with Merit from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2002. He rose through the ranks and hold the position of a Creative Director for various media agencies in Singapore. A crossed trained practitioner between print and interactive, Thomas has won various web design awards from Designfirms.org and his work was published in the 2007 Web Design Index Book, which comprises of all the best web designs around the world.
Based in FMDS Jakarta as Head of Academics, Thomas oversees the delivery of academic standards and ensures its content integrity and teaching quality. Over the years, he has helped the school nurtured many designpreneurs and designers in Jakarta and Singapore.
He recently returned to Singapore in 2014 after his 8 years of teaching in Jakarta and is now a senior lecturer in FMDS Singapore.
His range of experience includes Web Mastering, Flash Animation, Sound Engineering, Motion Graphics, Advertising, Photography, Branding, Digital Media and Print. He is also the adviser for the FMDS Student's Design Committee "Qubist". His ambition and passion to work as a Design lecturer has enabled him to be a mentor and friend to the students in FMDS.