Certificate in Art Direction

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Course introduction

Graphic communication and styles Students will need to learn about different genres and influences on graphic communication. To do this they will need to explore a range of different graphic genres (e.g. art nouveau, art deco, pop art, zen minimalism etc, modern day advertising and photography). Students can approach the issue in any manner relevant for the social cause. Layout and design must reflect and effectively communicate the social message. Visual communication exploration  Students will need to learn about the visual communication, the relationship between words and images and how they work hand in hand through the exploration of different graphic elements. Students will also need to create different layout compositions and utilise words and images. In making design decisions and about composition and layout they will need to consider:

Course Outline

Week 1 - Photography 1: Introduction to Photography
Week 2 - Photography 2: Introduction to DSLR Camera
Week 3 - Photography 3: Exposure
Week 4 - Photography 4: White Balance and Photographic Composition
Week 5 - Photography 5: Focusing the Camera
Week 6 - Art Direction 1: Introduction to Art Direction
Weel 7- Visual Literacy
Week 8 - Using Image
Week 9 - Project Consultation/Studio visit
Week 10 - Project Consultation
Week 11 - Project Consultation
Week 12 - Project Consultation 

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Junie Tang

"Junie attained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communication from the University of Western Sydney in 2001. Junie's outstanding academic achievement has placed her in the top 15 per cent of the undergraduates in that year.
Since then, Junie has worked for more than 8 years as Creative Head in the media and design industry. She was previously the creative brain in several high profile publications including 'Ai', 'Woman's World', 'HOTstuff' and 'Steer'. As a prolific practitioner in design, she was also responsible for developing several international promotional campaigns for several multi-national corporations.
As a teaching staff with the FMDS Visual Communication faculty, she specialises in teaching Design Fundamentals, Design Studies, Principle of Design, Design Specialisation and Design Appreciation at Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels."