Econsultancy: Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

How soon do you need to prepare for artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is already here – it’s no longer a futuristic promise. And it’s been here for years. Companies should already be thinking about how they can automate many of their ordinary marketing processes. This is the basic step that every company should take to make themselves more efficient. This course will provide a practical guide on Artificial Intelligence for Marketing for the layman, to help you understand how it can be used to impact and improve your marketing activities, and provide you with the grounding to improve your career prospected.   Why You Should Attend This Course: In this 1-day course, we discuss why you should look beyond the hype while learning how to leverage the benefits that artificially intelligent machines can provide. Doing so will empower marketers to establish more personal and relevant interactions with customers, driving ROI and increasing revenue. Artificial Intelligence for Marketing (AIM) solutions can sift through huge data sets much faster than any human marketing team ever could, uncovering hidden insights into customer behaviour, identifying purchasing trends, and revealing critical data points. Ultimately, AIM actually gives marketers the valuable gift of time by automating back-end, complex tasks. It provides them with the freedom to focus on content, creative, and strategy to deliver those personalized customer interactions.But in the meantime, you should track the development of artificial intelligence in your industry. Note: Participants are required to bring laptop for hands on exercises

Course Benefits

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basic principles of AI
  • Develop ideas on how to apply AI to your marketing, to benefit your employer and your career
  • Understand how AI is going to change marketing in the near future and be prepared for it 
  • Be confident to sell the benefits & application of AI internally
  • Be confident to use new AI platforms

Course Outline

What Is AI – Whats Under the Hood in Layman’s Terms

  • Introducing Artificial Intelligence Marketing – the distinct AI-powered marketing solutions
  • AI explained in layman’s terms
  • Preparing for Artificial Intelligence Marketing
  • An overview of AI and Marketing
Who Is Using It Currently and How Is It Being Used
  • B2B
  • Personalisation
  • Chatbots
  • Content Marketing
  • Search
  • Plus many more
How Will AI Impact Marketing and the World In General for the Short to Medium Term
  • Intelligent Augmentation
  • Predictions for the future
Overview of Tools and Platforms
  • Chatbots
  • CRM
  • Data capture
  • Personal use
Resourses to Learn More About AI
  • Overall guide to learning about AI
  • Online courses for non-technical marketers
  • Glossary of terms you need to know

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Meyrick D’Souza

Meyrick D’Souza has been a marketing strategy professional for over 20 years in Client and Agency roles.

Has spent 14 years in Asia Pacific developing Social Media, Digital and CRM strategies for companies such as Citibank, SingTel, HP, Standard Chartered Bank, Cisco, British American Tabacco, Shell, IBM, P&G & Diageo

For 5 years he was Lenovo’s Global Social Media Strategy lead. Today, besides helping businesses improve their digital and social media marketing, he works with an Artificial Intelligence for Marketing company to help brands like IBM adapt to the new marketing world. Using Artificial Intelligence no longer requires high technical knowledge.