Creativity and Innovation Skills


Course introduction

Like it or not, the environment today is a no-holds-barred, relentlessly competitive and "winner takes all" one. And customers and businesses consider the winner as the one who stands out and brings the most value to them. As an entrepreneur or a working professional, are you currently trying to make a difference so your results stand out and be noticed by your target groups? What methods and thinking are you applying that actually help you make the difference? If after countless efforts, your actions have not brought the required results, then a serious rethink is needed HOW you are going about doing things, standing out from others, being noticed and winning! What you need is the ability to create brilliant, new ideas that no one else has thought of before!

Course Outline


Upon completion of the course, the participants will :

• Gain a deeper appreciation of creativity and innovation and their positive impact
• Recognise obstacles to creativity and how to overcome them
• Unleash creative thinking skills in a fun and non-intimidating way
• Learn the art of creating new ideas to produce new possibilities and solutions
• Learn how to connect the right ideas to problems
• Learn how to present and get buy-in for new ideas created
• Understand how innovation comes about


• What’s the Big Deal in Creative Thinking?
Introduction to creative thinking, how it is being applied today across the world, and why it is so important today for organisations everywhere, including schools and institutions

• Setting the Stage: Creativity Essentials
Examines why you are not creative, how to overcome barriers, and preparing participants with key creative thinking essentials to know and start applying, before launching into the creative thinking process and generating ideas

• A Cauldron of Ideas: Creative Brainstorming
Diving into the creative thinking tools and techniques and creating multiple ideas to solve organisational   issues or creating new opportunities

• Filtering
Shortlisting of the best ideas created, how to connect these ideas as new solutions, and from these solutions creating new possibilities not thought of before

• Incubation
Introduction to concepts like Divergence-Convergence, and how to use the Incubation Table in planning the implementation of the new ideas and solutions

• The Pitch
Learning what goes into a good pitch to gain buy-in for new ideas, then presentation of the ideas created by teams. Prizes will be awarded to the team with the best idea or solution created

• Final Words
A summary of learning gained and what goes into creating a creative culture in the organisation


The workshop is design to equip participants with practical skills and learning is centred around interactive, activity-based, experiential and accelerated learning. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results.

Course Duration
1Day (8 hours )

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Trainer Profile

Organisational Development Concepts (ODC)

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The ODC management team have more than 47 years experience in the OD and HRD fields. Together with its in-house management consultant and a team of 80 associate trainers as well as subject matter experts in various fields, we are here to serve and support your organizations developmental needs.