C++ Programming Essentials

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Course introduction

The course will start with basics in OPPs programming concepts, building up introducing the C++ language and how it handles complicated structures. This is a hands on course, participants will spend 75% of their time coding various examples.

Course Benefits

This course is 70% hands on practical course. Participants will be given tasks , similar to the ones they need to do on the job thus preparing their skills for the job.

Target Audience

Programmers building software using object oriented methodologies will find C++ as the ideal language to start for understanding the OOPs concepts and their use.

Many more higher level languages who make OOPs possible have some parts of OOPs missing altogether, for example some don't have polymorphism at all. C++ is a complete language giving access to low level structures and scale up to build OOPs methods, objects and the like.

Having prior knowledge and experience in programming using C, helps a lot while learning C++.

Course Outline

Day I: Features of C++
Module 1 - Introduction
        Why use the C++ Language?
        C vs C++
        A Simple C++ Program

Module 2 - Primitive Data Types and Operators
        New Data Types in C++ (bool, string)
        Variables & Constants (Global & Local)
        Identifiers & Keywords
        Mathematical Operators
        Logical Operators
        Scope Resolution Operator

Module 3 - The Decision & Loop Control Structure
        If statement & If.. else Statement
        Nested If .. else Statement
        Switch Statement
        For Loop
        While Loop
        Do While Loop
        Nested Loops

Module 4 - Functions
        Creating a Function
        Calling a Function
        Passing Parameters by Values
        Passing Parameters by References
        Overloading Functions
        Function Prototypes

Module 5 - Operator Overloading
        Operator Functions

Day II: Object Oriented Programming Concepts
Module 1 - Pointers, References & Arrays
        Creating & Using Pointers to Objects in C++
        Passing by Address or Reference
        Arrays of Objects

Module 2 - Object Oriented Concepts
        What is an Object?
        Defining Classes for Objects
        Relationships between Objects
        Constructors & Destructors
        Encapsulation of Object Data
        The 'private' & 'public' keywords
        'this' Pointer

Module 3 - Inheritance
        What is an Inheritance?
        Types of Inheritance
        Base Classes and Derived Classes
        The 'protected' Keyword
        How to implement Inheritance in C++

Day III: Extending Object Oriented Principals
Module 1 - Abstraction
        What is Abstraction?
        How to implement Abstraction in C++
        Pure Virtual Functions

Module 2 - Polymorphism
        What is Polymorphism ?
        Polymorphisnm through Constructor Overloding
        Polymorphism through Pointers to Objects
        Virtual Functions, VPTR, VTABLE

Day IV: Exception Handling & I/O
Module 1 - Exception Handling
        What is Exception Handling ?
        Exception Classes
        Exception Handling for Primitive Data Types
        Custom Exception Handling
        Whent to use Exceptions?

Module 2 - File I/O
        Text I/O
        Formatting Output
        Updating Files
        The 'fstream' library

Course Duration and timings

  • 4 days
  • 10am to 6pm

Course Fees (EXCLUDES 7% GST)
SGD 1200 Nett
(We Do Not Charge GST)

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