Leading Organisational Change

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Course introduction

The 2-day workshop explores approaches to effective leadership within the leading change field. It studies effective leaders who know how to catalyze and support positive changes in structure, products & services, organizational culture and people. The workshop adopt the "inside-out" approach by first looking at oneself as a leader and then using proven frameworks and tools to lead change. The programme will equip participants with the competencies and strategies to lead change in the organization successfully.

Target Audience

Level 4 | Managers
Level 5 | Senior Managers & Directors

Course Outline

  • Identify and develop their leadership styles and preferences in leading change through the framework of the Workplace Big 5
  • Identify organizational change and the forms it can take
  • Integrate and apply the 8-step process with the human dimension in organisational change
  • Identify how a leader or manager can promote change and how to go about doing it
  • Discuss resistance to change and how to overcome it
  • Apply a 3-phase transition process to address the human side of change

A key outcome of the workshop will be the participants' action plan for facilitating the transitional aspects of an actual organizational change effort in the workplace

Duration and Time

2 Days | 8.30am-5.30pm

These programmes are developed within the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) framework.

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Trainer Profile

WSQ certified trainer

Workforce Skills Qualification trained and certified trainer