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Course introduction

Disruptive shifts are now a fact of life for businesses, from expanding global markets to an intensifying war for human resources. So how can an organisation anticipate and adapt to these changes? A good place to start would be with leadership. A leader as a strategist, an innovator, a decision maker, a critical thinker, can lead a company to growth and profits, no matter what the global economy throws his way. This programme will give you the tools and the process, to transform the toughest business challenge into an opportunity for profitability and growth.

Course Benefits

This programme will:

  • develop your personal leadership ability to deliver results by enhancing you and your organisation’s competency to out-think others in three critical areas of decision-making - strategy, innovation, operations/execution;  providing you with proven processes in those  areas
  • highlight the key misconceptions in those areas and address ways to harness them to your advantage
  • explore two key practical concepts for each process, which you can immediately apply at work.

Target Audience

Managers, team leaders and professionals, who formulates and/or implements the direction and strategy for their business subsidiary, division, department or organisation.

Course Outline


  • Misconceptions of strategy
  • The Hierarchy of Strategy
  • DPIs Strategic ThinkingSM process overview
  • Two key concepts: Sandbox and Driving Force
  • Misconceptions and The 4 Deadly Sins of Innovation
  • DPI’s Strategic Product InnovationSM process overview
  • Two key concepts: Future Implicit Needs and 10 Search Areas for New Products
  • Operations/Execution as a decision-making cascade
  • DPI’s Situation ManagementSM process overview
  • Two keys concepts: Three types of situations (problems, decisions, plans), process versus content and the related questioning skills

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

David Wilkins

David Wilkins is a Singapore Partner of Decision Processes International (DPI). As a seasoned professional in the IT industry, he has helmed sales management and general management positions with powerhouses such as Oracle, Datacraft Asia and EDS.

Since joining DPI Asia in 2006, Mr Wilkins has helped numerous major clients in the financial services, IT, education, electronics, engineering, property and social service sectors, create their winning strategies using the full suite of DPI Asia critical thinking processes.

He graduated with First Class Honours in Mathematics from Imperial College, London.. In 2012, Mr Wilkins co-authored the book Leadership, Pure & Simple with Greg Carolin, Managing Partner of DPI Africa.