Introduction To Project Management

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Course introduction

Many organisations are required to deliver projects under challenging environments and ever-increasing customer expectations. Staff from cross-functional departments are made to come together under the charge of the project manager, sometimes assigned in an ad-hoc manner, to work as a team to produce results. This course aims to provide you with insights on how to use Project Management techniques to effectively create a common language and process to guide you to better deliver a project.

Course Benefits

  • Use project planning tools to develop a realistic project plan
  • Understand the risks associated to the project and how to handle them
  • Use a project plan to effectively execute and control your project

Target Audience

Project team members, cross functional specialists, support staff to projects and people new to project management.

Course Outline

  • The Project Management Method
  • Essential Planning Behaviour
  • Project Risk Management
  • Implementing and Controlling Project Plans
  • Workshops: Structuring and Organising a project

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Trainer Profile

Anna Lim

Anna Lim is a PMP® certified Project Manager with a Masters of Business in Information Technology. She has over 25 years of global work experience in project and program management, training and consultation in industries ranging from IT, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Headhunting and HR and worked for MNCs such as Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer and Shell Eastern Petroleum.

The extensive years of cumulative experience in Project and Program Management, HR, IT and Business Process Outsourcing has equipped her not only with technical skills but soft skills as well. She won the Global Best Performer Project Manager award in Hewlett-Packard. In the last 6 years, she had successfully led multicultural virtual teams, worked across global time zone, to complete over 20 projects, managing 3 to 5 projects concurrently. Besides Asia, she managed projects in Europe (Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and Poland). In addition, she trained new project managers in the Global team and mentored them.

She often led complex projects requiring excellent verbal and written communication skills. This, together with outstanding people skills, made her successful in leading and motivating virtual teams in a matrix project organization. She is known by customers to be professional, organized and systematic, responsible and dependable. She is a critical thinker and was often asked by customers to manage subsequent projects, proving she has the ability to build strong customer relationship and the ability to deliver win-win solutions.

Anna has a passion to share her years of project and program management knowledge and skills to those who aspire to be better project managers. It is her way of giving back to society what she has gained over the duration of her career.