How To Lead For Performance Beyond Expectations: A Transformational Leadership Approach

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Course introduction

What does it take to excite followers and associates to perform beyond expectations? How do we measure leadership competences and use the information to design a personalised and effective leadership development programme focusing on transformational leadership behaviour? The 1980s saw a stream of research on charismatic theories of leadership. Collectively referred to as the New Leadership, they focus on the role of leaders in bringing about transformational impacts on their followers that result in performance beyond expectations. Specifically, these measurable behaviour have positive outcomes that include increased effectiveness, experience of greater satisfaction and followers being motivated to put in extra effort. The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (Bass & Avolio) has emerged as an exciting, robust, empirically-based 360 degree survey instrument to diagnose a full range of leadership behaviour among managers and organisational leaders. Mr Avolio is Director of the Gallup Leadership Institute, Co-Director of the UNL and Gallup MBA/MA programme in executive leadership, and has an international reputation as a researcher in leadership.

Course Benefits

What Participants Will Take Away

  • Your 12-page MLQ self-report, including
  • Your full-range leadership profile
  • Your leadership development plan
  • Your transformational strengths
  • Your transformational areas for development
  • Your non-transformational leadership styles
  • Complete reporting of Responses to all survey questions
  • Coloured copy of the full range leadership model diagram
  • Benchmarks of optimal behaviour frequency ranges, based on research outcomes

Target Audience

General and senior managers, organisational leaders, profit-center directors and anyone in division-wide management and leadership responsibilities keen on understanding their leadership behaviour, their impact on followers and associates and are motivated to improve their management leadership performance.

Course Outline

Derived from more than 20 years of research based on the input of James McBurns transformational leadership work, it assesses an individuals full range leadership behaviour that spans transformational leadership, transactional management and passive-avoidant behaviour styles:

  • Five factors measure the powerful change-oriented transformational influencing styles which foster innovation, deeper commitment, supportiveness, development and extra effort in followers and associates and high business and organisational effectiveness
  • Two transactional factors capture the foundations of effective interpersonal influencing in management; defining performance goals and expectations, either through positive reinforcement for good performance or the systematic feedback about failure to achieve standards
  • two passive-avoidant factors measure defective styles: fighting fires and the absence of leadership. Such leadership is associated with poor performance, de-motivation, lack of commitment and effort in followers and associates.
Information collected through the use of this instrument can form the basis of a whole host of applications in assessing individual leadership effectiveness, teambuilding, and organisational development.

This programme will discuss a full range leadership model and how it can be adopted as a universal paradigm in comprehensive multi-level applications; provides an evidence-based basis for quality personalised assessment feedback and competent interpretations; follow-through coaching and training interventions at the highest professional and ethical standards; measures and improves distributed leadership in teams; diagnoses organisational culture, and suggests interventions to assist achievement of a culture linked to optimal organisational effectiveness.

Programme Outline

Understanding Evidence-based Management Leadership Studies
  • New leadership paradigm
  • Full-range leadership model
Full Range Leadership Behaviour and the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ)
  • Transformational leadership behaviour
  • Idealised attributes
  • Idealised behaviour
  • Inspirational motivation
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Individualised consideration
  • Transactional leadership behaviour
  • Non-transactional leadership behaviour
Competency / Functional Skills Development
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Whole brain thinking
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Motivating, selecting and developing people
Turning Skills into Transformational Leadership Behaviour
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Competency-based creativity
  • Self-management to social management
Putting It All Together
  • Needs-results-work-competence nexus
  • Towards organisational excellence
Learning Features
Prior to this workshop, each participant will take an online survey, the MLQ Self Report, the inputs of which will be fed back during the workshop in the form of a 12-page report. The workshop provides participants with a wide range of active and interactive opportunities for reflection, and experience sharing, in pursuit of a strong understanding and application of a full range of leadership behaviour and their impact on organisational performance.

Experiential learning will be facilitated / reinforced by various activities, including:
  • video case studies
  • simulated exercises
  • feedback survey exercises
  • integration sessions

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Dr Tan Jing Hee

Dr Tan Jing Hee, PhD, MBA, BSc, Dip Edn, Dip M, is the Singapore Affiliate of Louis Allen Associates, Inc. He joined the Singapore Institute of Management in 1973 as Information, Publications and Research Officer and eventually became its Chief Operating Officer. While in SIM, he helped implement the Louis Allen Management Leadership System in a number of medium- and large-size organisations.

Dr Tan is currently Managing Director of his own management training, education and consultancy firm. He is a qualified user of MBTI, Certified Programme Leader for Louis Allen Associates range of management programmes and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. He is also the Executive Director of Cornerstone Training Centre.