Positive Power & Influence®

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Course introduction

The POSITIVE POWER & INFLUENCE® Programme is delivered in over 40 countries in more than 15 languages. This personal development training programme is used by major organisations to give their Leaders, Managers and Key Personnel the skills and confidence to influence people at all levels - to have a greater impact and control over situations and events. Participants will develop a number of styles and techniques, giving them the flexibility to influence effectively across a wide range of situations. They will learn how to diagnose situations to determine which style would be most appropriate and how to use it to achieve their objectives while building positive working relationships.

Course Benefits

POSITIVE POWER & INFLUENCE® participants develop skills to:

  • Adapt their style of influence to respond to challenging business situations
  • Manage stakeholders more effectively
  • Manage and motivate “difficult” or under-performing employees
  • Influence others without pressuring, pulling rank or resorting to aggressive behaviour
  • Influence others regardless of their positions in the hierarchy
  • Resolve conflict and generate commitment to team decisions
  • Get buy-in to complete tasks and projects without delays
  • Present their views in a persuasive way with enthusiasm, vision and logic
  • Mobilise resources and support from others to get things done
  • Create a positive impact, gaining respect and credibility
  • Grow and develop leadership skills

Target Audience

Level 3 - New Managers
Level 4 - Managers
Level 5 - Senior Managers & Directors

Course Outline

The core of the POSITIVE POWER & INFLUENCE® Programme is the renowned Situational Influence Model™. This model highlights that we can apply a specific style best suited to influence each situation we face.

Influence Self-Assessment

  • Participants complete an assignment that analyses their current influence styles and assesses their strengths and weaknesses. These form the basis for their learning goals.
The Situational Influence Model™
  • Participants explore the Situational Influence Model™ and learn the behaviours associated with each style.
Skill Development Practice Using Cases and Exercises
  • Participants engage in intensive skill practice exercises to explore their ability to use the influence styles in role-plays of business and real-life situations.
Application Planning
  • Participants practise a real-life personal influence situation of their choosing, using a diagnostic checklist to evaluate which styles are most appropriate for this and other future influence situations.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Eric Ng

Eric Ng is the President of a company that holds an exclusive license in Singapore with Situation Management Systems, Inc. - an international organisation specialising in Influence and Negotiation. He is a master trainer for the Positive Power & Influence® Programme and will help you learn and improve your influencing and leadership skills in this programme.

Eric has more than 25 years of corporate working experience in various management and technical positions in the Asia Pacific region. He has many interesting real life examples, stories and anecdotes to relate the Situational Influence Model™ to your daily work and life situations. He travels extensively in Asia delivering training to and coaching senior management and executives. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, Global 1000 companies, MNCs, SMEs and government organisations.

Participants who have attended his programmes have found him to be 'experienced', 'knowledgeable', 'very clear', 'full of passion in training' and 'fun'.