Performance Appraisal - Engaging & Harnessing The Best From Your Staff

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Course introduction

Most companies recognize that their greatest asset and competitive advantage is in their human resources. Ironically, little time and attention are given to provide the appropriate feedback, guidance and development to maximize this most important resource of the company.

Course Benefits

This course enables you to:

  • Plan, manage, develop & evaluate performance effectively
  • Engage and harness the best results from your employees
  • Foster communication through effective feedback, coaching and recognition
  • Counsel less-than-satisfactory performers and manage difficult employees
  • Benchmark evaluation and reward scheme

Target Audience

This program is skills-oriented, interactive and incorporates skills practices, role plays and syndicate discussions designed to equip supervisors and managers with a systematic approach of communicating work expectations to and assessing and motivating exceptional performance in their employees.

Course Outline

1. The purpose & benefits of performance appraisal

2. The performance management process

      a.   Performance Management Cycle
      b.   Planning performance
      c.   Managing performance & developing competency
      d.   Evaluating & rewarding performance

3. Planning Performance
      a.   Goal setting & cascading corporate goals
      b.   Setting team and individual targets
      c.   Translating targets to work plans
      d.   SMART targets

4. Managing Performance
      a.  Monitoring & collecting evidence
      b.  Frequent & timely communication
      c.  Barriers to communication
      d.  Candid & specific feedback
      e.  Active listening
      f.   Non verbal cues
      g.  Judging behavior and not the person

5. Developing Competency
      a.  Competency assessment
      b.  Learning & development needs
      c.  Career development planning

6. Evaluating & rewarding performance
      a.  Reviewing past performance
      b.  Evaluation & reward schemes
      c.  Setting new performance objectives
      d.  Reviewing standard forms for performance objective planning, improvement and career development planning
      e.   Building performance excellence

7. Roles and responsibilities of supervisors and staff
      a.   Roles & responsibilities
      b.   Do’s & Don’ts
      c.   Knowing what staff expect
      d.   Getting the best from your staff

8. The performance review and appraisal
      a. Preparation & conducive environment
      b. Biases and pitfalls in the appraisal process
      c. Feedback, coaching, counseling and giving recognition
      d. Handling over/under achievers
      e. Counselling unacceptable behavior/performance
      f.  Handling difficult employees
      g. Gaining commitment to change & improve

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Trainer Profile

Goh Wee Lee

Goh Wee Lee has close to 30 years of combined working experience in a government statutory board, consumer banking, tertiary teaching at both undergraduate and master levels, consultancy and corporate training.

An accredited MOM work-life consultant, Wee Lee provides consultancy services in Work-Life Strategy & Implementation as well as HR Advisory and Competency Profiling & Development. She specialises in conducting courses on Managing the Multi-generational Workforce, Performance Management & Target Setting, Competency-based Selection Interview and Finance for non-Financial personnel. She has conducted courses and workshops for various organizations, including statutory boards, government agencies and commercial enterprises in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

Wee Lee graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) from the University of Singapore. She has an MSc in Management (Sloan Fellows Program) from the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment from WDA.