Training The Trainer - Creative, Engaging And Productive Training Techniques That WORK!

SIM Professional Development

Course introduction

This comprehensive programme covers what leaders need to Run, Train, Mentor and Coach their people to high performance and ongoing success. This programme shares hundreds of skills you can implement immediately to coach and mentor individuals and train whole teams.

Target Audience

Managers, trainers, training managers, team leaders and supervisors who realise their job is not just to work but to develop their people.

Course Outline

  • How to take training from the classroom to the workplace
  • Developing people one-on-one
  • Growing teams, your career and profits
  • Key questioning techniques to use on individuals and with groups
  • Making training STICK and using mentoring and coaching to ensure it is used
  • Why Training, Coaching and Mentoring are key to your career success (as well as your organisation’s success)
  • Getting your people to WANT to learn
  • Why mentoring and coaching are 70% more effective than classroom training alone
  • The 8 different intelligences and maximising them in team development
  • Understanding adult learners and NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming)
  • The latest science of the human mind and how to aid learning, retention and reach every participant you training
  • Training Moments™: How to fit training, mentoring and coaching into daily work routines, around priority projects and customer service
  • Why questions are so much better than answers
  • The RIGHT questions to ask, ensuring learning takes place and behaviours change positively
  • Games, activities and role plays... turning learning into fun, effective behaviour change
  • Puzzles and their place in training AND the developing older workers
  • Why it’s key to connect past, present and future for retention and USE in the workplace
  • Music / Voice / Articulation and getting the message across
  • Methodologies that work to stimulate discussions and thinking
  • Getting responses and input from ALL your people... Essential steps to total group involvement
  • Reaching Gen Y, Gen X & Baby Boomers effectively
  • Engaging employees one-on-one, getting them to learn from you
  • The essentials of room set-up and how it can make or break your sessions
  • Creative uses of props and visuals
  • How to connect with different size group
  • Icebreaker mistakes and effective ones to try
  • Guaranteed ways to get even the quietest groups and individuals to open up, participate and share, gaining full participation from everyone
  • Dozens of ways to reinforce and reward learning
  • Getting training from classroom to departments to results with clients
  • Coaching and your staff briefings
  • 6 ways to OPEN with PIZZAZZ to get and hold their attention
  • 6 dynamic ways to CLOSE with PUNCH so they never forget your Message

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Michael A. Podolinsky

Michael A. Podolinsky CSP, CSPGlobal is Asia's PRODUCTIVITY GURU and a MASTER of TIME MANAGEMENT. Michael devoted his life to studying productivity, the art of Time Management and human psychology. 11+ million people benefit from his expertise on 6 continents in 33 countries. Michael has boosted the productivity of over 3000 audiences and conducted over 400 SIM programmes in 25 years.

Author of 15 books, including McGraw Hill's Productivity Series endorsed by billionaires includes 'Productivity: Winning In Life', his best Time and Stress Management book yet and surpasses his previous books, Winning At Work, Go For Your Goals and From Stress to Success & Email & Voicemail Tools. Since 1982 he helped individuals, teams and organizations improve productivity, including IBM India, South Africa & Malaysia, Microsoft, HP, Singapore Navy & Air Force, US Marine Corps, GE Healthcare, Philips Electronics, OCBC, HSBC, UOB, Prudential (Singapore, Malaysia, HK, Indonesia & Vietnam), Hyatt / Westin / Shangri La / Sheraton / Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts and 700+.
His Time Management students have excelled in their careers over the years as one went on to be in the top 20 performers in all of Prudential Singapore and another in the top 400 our of 400,000 IBM professionals globally. Michael moderated the inaugural Singapore Productivity Forum 2013 and is the first recipient of Singapore Institute of Management's Trainer-of-the-Year Award. In December 2013 he was one of first 21 inductees into CSPGlobal, the CSP (Certified Speaking Professionals) first and only international designation to honour a speakers cultural understanding, knowledge of different region and country markets and ROI for clients. Out of 15,000 speakers globally, there are just 640 CSPs and only 21 CSPGlobal recipients.