Driving A Culture And Practice Of Innovation

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Course introduction

Most organisations realize that they must Innovate! The challenge is that most companies focus on cost cutting or process Innovation and do not know how to drive value-creating Innovation. This 2 day program provides a comprehensive guide to the cultural as well as practical aspects of driving Innovation within the Organisation. This interactive workshop provides a structured Innovation Framework from which to evaluate your organisations Innovation progress on Strategy, Culture, Process and Ideas and to develop an Innovation Action Plan to overcome Innovation stumbling blocks. Learn from leaders in Innovation in the consumer durables and healthcare business and experience the Innovation ideation process for yourself.

Course Benefits

  • Identify and how innovation can drive growth within your organization.
  • Gain a real world appreciation for the cultural challenges of driving innovation in organisations from two leaders in the field of Innovation Management: Mayo Clinic and Whirlpool.
  • Understand your Organisation’s Innovation Management weakness by using our proprietary Innovation Audit tool and develop an Innovation Action Plan using the Innovation Framework.
  • Be Empowered with Innovation processes and tools so as to put innovation into practice in your organisation.
  • Receive an Innovation Questions & Provocations set of cards free.

Target Audience

Level 3 - New Managers; Level 4 - Managers across functional areas.

This includes: Marketing Managers, Product Managers, R&D, Organisational Development Managers, Operations, Design Specialists, etc.

Course Outline

1.   Innovation as a Driver of Change and Progress

2.   Types of Innovation

3.   Barriers to Innovation - Evaluating your Innovation Efforts – An Innovation Audit

4.   The Innovation Framework: - Strategy, Process, Culture, Ideas

5.   A Clear Innovation Strategy - Mayo Clinic case

6.   Building a Culture of Innovation -Whirlpool Case Study

7.   Innovation Process - Discovery and Framing Innovation Challenges

8.    Innovation Process - Idea Generation 

9.    Hands-on Ideation Experience

10.  Innovation Action Plan.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Angela Koch

Angela Koch brings a wealth of Creativity and Innovation practice following a career as Strategic Planning Director with Global Brand and Communications companies In Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Angela's work has her involved in two important domains: Brand Innovation and Product Innovation. Her Innovation clients come from the consumer goods sector, consumer electronics, hospitality and services. She facilitates projects to discover the next growth engine for a business and creates experiential learning experiences so that employees feel empowered to participate in Innovation efforts.