Creativity Beyond The Box - Edward De Bono's Lateral Thinking™ Applications

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Course introduction

This workshop is the culmination of Dr de Bonos lifes work. It brings together his experience and his key concepts in a unique package - an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, practical approach to creative thinking thats been proven successful worldwide. Todays environment demands innovative solutions. This workshop helps you and your organisation generate them. Focus your creative energy and turn problems into opportunities

Course Benefits

  • develop your creativity and find alternative solutions
  • bring your creative thinking and the thinking of others into sharp focus
  • create new and practical ideas by using deliberately provocative statements
  • dramatically increase the number of ideas harvested by using thorough checklists
  • spark creative thinking by using random words and objects
  • constructively challenge your organisations current thinking
  • find and build on the concept behind one idea to create even more ideas
  • turn harvested ideas into practical forms

Course Pre-Requisites

It is strongly recommended as the follow-up programme to the public lecture on Lateral Thinking delivered by Dr de Bono himself or the Six Thinking Hats Method® seminar conducted by Linda Low and Peter Low.

Target Audience

Level 2 - Supervisors, Executives, & Emerging Managers; Level 3 - New Managers; Level 4 - Managers. 

Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence and one of the worlds most highly respected management gurus, who topped the list of most credible of business leaders (Straits Times, Monday, February 26, 1996) wrote in his book.
There are time tested techniques for milking peoples wackier ideas. Youd do no better than to attend one of creativity guru Edward de Bonos seminars; invest heavily in using such techniques to solve all problems. The Tom Peters Seminar (Macmillan London 1994)

Course Outline

  • Bring your creativity and that of team into sharp focus
  • Learn to direct and improve creative thinking efforts
  • Apply concept extraction to boost idea generation
  • Use random input technique to go beyond brainstorming
  • Defining precisely how current thinking in organisaion can be challenged
  • How to set up a provocation as a prelude to new thinking
  • How to extract ideas from provocation
  • Turn creativity into a corporate affair

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Sir Dr Peter Low OR Mrs Linda Low

Sir Dr Peter Low and Mrs Linda Low are directors of their own consultancy firm. They have more than 21 years of experience in introducing Dr Edward de Bono's methods to more than 500 major corporations and government agencies.

Both Sir Dr Peter Low and Mrs Linda Low were among the first 12 to be personally trained by Dr de Bono. On account of their phenomenal success with more than 2,000 seminars to their credit, they were appointed by Dr de Bono as Lifetime Certified Master Trainers and have been acknowledged by him as his "best trainers internationally". Only 4 persons in the de Bono international network of more than 1600 trainers were awarded this accreditation. They oversee the de Bono network operations in Asia.

Their more than 500 clients include: AXA Life Insurance, Citibank Singapore, Credit Suisse, Defence Science and Technology Agency, Fujitsu Asia, Housing & Development Board, Infineon Technologies, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Health, National University of Singapore, PSA Corporation Limited, Singapore Navy, Singapore Press Holdings, SingTel, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Daimler Chrysler, Hong Kong Police Force, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, Manulife International, PCCW, His Majesty's Government of Nepal, Ministry of Urban Development (Sri Lanka) and Yum Restaurants (Thailand).