MOS Excel 2010 Core

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Course introduction

The course empowers the trainee to understand the basic concepts of spreadsheets and to demonstrate the ability to use a spreadsheet application on a personal computer. He or she will understand and be able to accomplish basic operations associated with developing, formatting and using a spreadsheet. Additionally,trainee will be able to accomplish standard mathematical operations using basic formulas and functions. The trainee will be able to demonstrate competence in using some of the Excel features such as filtering, managing data and creating charts. This course prepares the participants for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams.

Course Pre-Requisites

An understanding of Windows.

Course Outline

Module 1. Exploring Microsoft Excel 2010
Module 2. Getting Help
Module 3. Basic Workbook Skills
Module 4. Selecting Cells and Ranges
Module 5. Working with Columns and Rows
Module 6. Managing Worksheets
Module 7. Working with Views
Module 8. Formatting Text and Numbers
Module 9. Cell Formatting
Module 10. Using Styles And AutoFormat
Module 11. Using Conditional and Custom Formats
Module 12. Cut, Copy and Paste
Module 13. Basic Formulas
Module 14. Creating Charts
Module 15. Working with Comments
Module 16. Arranging and Finding Data
Module 17. Filtering Data with AutoFilter
Module 18. Working With Databases
Module 19. Using Page Setup
Module 20. Printing

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Comat Training Services

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Our Consultancy Services encompasses two key areas that build upon our core competency of Instructional Design and 2 decades of understanding and applying Office Workflow Automation. With our experience in developing e-learning content partnering ST Electronics (Training & Simulation), we are able to continuously innovate solutions that combine the best of online and classroom learning.