Effective Management Skills For New Managers

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Course introduction

In today's globalized and competitive business environment, managers are swarmed with various responsibilities, daily challenges as well as performance targets. Thus for an individual who has just made the leap to a manager's role, it can be the most challenging transitions in his or her career. Therefore this one-day intensive practical course aims to provide such new managers as well as aspiring ones a compact reference point of guidance.

Course Benefits

Manage their team in a humane and yet powerful way to achieve consistent results

  • Embrace the challenges of the globalized manager
  • Engage and motivate team members and peers
  • Gain & apply practical management skills to lead objectively
  • Cultivate a positively charged working environment
  • Navigate appropriately the political environment in organizations
  • Provide effective feedback and mentoring to your subordinates

Target Audience

Public Sector - Division 1 & 2 with 3 years of working experience
Private Sector - Managers and supervisors of teams, departments, divisions and even organizations

Course Outline

  • The basics briefly – elements of human power as organization’s asset
  • HuPOW model – practical approach to managing, leading, performing and sustaining progressive ‘system’
  • A brighter day everyday...
  • Support required from the management team

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Daniel Kam

Daniel Kam has at least 20 years of corporate leadership experience under his belt in the area of Business Development, General Management and Organization Development work including 7 years of senior management role as a Director of Asian market in the most recent corporate job. He brings relevant experience, wisdom and practical insights in his soft-skills based programs such as leadership, high performance team work, personal development as well as business development and management.

He holds a degree in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing. He is a certified professional trainer as well as an executive coach. He is also certified as a trainer for Brian Tracy range of sales leadership courses. A passionate trainer with great empathic considerations, Daniel is able to relate well with diverse groups of multi-cultural and multi-generational learners. An engaging facilitator, Daniel encourages active participation from learners of his workshops and courses, ensuring effective internalization and subsequent application of new learned knowledge.