ICDL Module 4: ES WSQ - Perform Advanced Spreadsheet Functions (Microsoft Excel 2010) Fast Track

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Course introduction

The exam requires the candidate to use the spreadsheet application to produce what are deemed to be advanced spreadsheet outputs. The candidate shall be able to operate effectively at more than a basic level of competence and be able to edit and enhance numeric, text and graphical data and to sort, query and link data. The candidate shall be able to carry out advanced formatting and presentation operations on charts and graphs. The candidate shall be able to use functions such as those associated with logical, statistical or mathematical operations. The candidate shall be able to use available analysis and audit tools and to run and record simple macros

Course Pre-Requisites

An understanding of MS Excel 2010 basic and intermediate level is required.

Course Outline

Module 1. Using Conditional and Custom Formats
Module 2. Using Templates
Module 3. Working with Databases
Module 4. Working with Advanced Filters
Module 5. Revising Charting Features
Module 6. Creating/Revising PivotTables
Module 7. Using Auditing Tools and Range Names
Module 8. Exporting and Importing Data
Module 9. Using Advanced Functions
Module 10. Using Scenarios
Module 11. Using Worksheet Protection
Module 12. Tracking and Merging Workbooks
Module 13. Recording Macros
Module 14. Comments

Available Course Sessions

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