Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success - Soft Skills that Produce Hard Results

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Thousands of dollars are invested in sales training each year. And often, there is a gap in learning and execution of skills in the real world. Well-intentioned sales managers invest hours in training sales skills, only to discover that sales results do not always add up or rise in tandem. Low Emotional Intelligence skills can result in poor performance and cause sales people to sabotage their own success. Learning how to manage yourself effectively helps you to improve your performance and results, maintain integrity and enhance your overall trustworthiness. This is your key to sales success. By attending this course, you will learn strategies to manage yourself more effectively and overcome the challenges under the most stressful conditions in sales. By understanding yourself through an EQ assessment tool, you will be able to unlock your hidden potential from within to generate better sales results and/or improved relationships with your clients.

Course Benefits

Emotional Intelligence and Sales Success are about being able to manage your own emotions so that you can think clearly and react appropriately. You will learn how to remove mental and emotional blocks that are obstructing your sales progress and development.

Using the world’s renowned EQ assessment tool, you will be able to understand and express yourself, understand others and relate with them, and deal with daily challenges and difficulties. By closing the gaps between knowing what to do (sales skills) and actually doing it (EQ skills), you will know how to manage your responses to clients and difficult situations by:

  • Building relationships with customers
  • Effectively dealing and coping with difficult situations
  • Engaging inappropriate actions in an emotional state
  • Improving ability to master emotions and better execute sales skills
  • Involving and asking the right questions
  • Knowing how self-regard and assertiveness can directly affect your sales success
  • Learning the power of delayed gratification and sales success
  • Maintaining self-control even under extreme pressure
  • Recognising the needs of the customers
  • Understanding the importance of critical thinking skills and sales success in the information age
  • Using flexibility in communications style

Target Audience

Suitable for marketing, sales and customer services support staff and anyone who wants to learn how to be more successful with relationships and increased performance with their clients.

Course Outline

Emotional Intelligence & Sales Success

  • Learn how emotional intelligence affects sales results during specific steps of the selling process.
Emotional Intelligence & Prospecting
  • Understand how the development and improvement of specific ‘soft’ skills to improve hard sales results.
Emotional Intelligence and Questioning Skills
  • Create predictable revenues by improving close relationship by selling to the right prospects
  • Design value propositions that sell to the “old brain”
  • Manage your emotions to avoid offering solutions too soon and improve your ability to connect emotionally with your prospect
Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Building
  • Develop EI skills that build long term relationships and review key EI skills that need to be in balance in order to effectively build relationships

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Sim Sen

Sim Sen has been training and coaching emotional intelligence for over a decade. Sim is a veteran aviator for over two decades with the airline industry. A business partner consultant with SHELL, he has trained and coached hundreds of leaders and managers from different nationalities and countries spanning across industries in government, SMEs and MNCs.

Sim is a certified coach by ICF, Ken Blanchard, David Rock, DDI-World, CCPC, Marshall Goldsmith and Yale University. He is EQ certified in EIA, ESCI, MSCEIT, RULER, EQ-i 2.0 and 6 Seconds.

Sim has completed an applied science degree in aviation training technology, master in communication and master in HR with Texas State and Queensland universities.